coming out of his shell

We took Tyson to Chuck E Cheese's last weekend with Jammy and Papa. We wanted to take him there because he hasn't been able to play outside as much since Hailey arrived (he would live outside if we let him...), and to give him a night that focused on him. He had a blast. We hadn't been back to one since his 2nd birthday party. We almost couldn't get him to eat because he just wanted to play on the rides all night.

We took turns playing with Tyson and watching Hailey sleep in her carrier (the whole time - yea!). When it was my turn I grabbed the camera because I couldn't believe my eyes... Tyson was actually riding all of the rides! He has NEVER done this before!

He will sometimes climb up these tube structures but won't ever actually climb through the tubes once he gets up there. He was exploring ALL OVER this thing and wanting to talk to us every time he got to the end of a tunnel. Yes, this is every day life for some kids but it's the first time he would do it!

He asked to ride this - it was a bike that went about 4 feet off the ground when you pedaled it - loved this too - whose kid is this?

first time to ride a carousel by himself. Yes, it's a small one, but the farthest we've gotten before is him sitting next to me in the bench seat. He rode this atleast 4 times in a row.

Same thing - he would have never gotten on this before. Go Tyson!

He was talking to Chuck E Cheese. Having a full blown conversation with him. Jammy and I were trying not to laugh in front of him :)

It was fun seeing him have a blast and have some "Tyson only" time. He has done so well adjusting to having Hailey around. He is still very protective of her and doesn't want his friends to look at her. He wants to hold her, kiss her and give her a paci when she cries. If she is starting to fuss he says "I know baby sister. It's ok." and pats her or kisses her forehead. What a good big brother.

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Carrie Bryant said...

That is AWESOME. The older ones need some of that one one attention for themselves. I can't believe he rode all that either. Riley will not ride that horse. I am glad he had a great time :)