last day

Hailey Lane,

Today is mommy's last day to spend with you before I go back to work tomorrow. It's strange how quickly these 7 weeks flew by. It seemed like it took forever for you to reach 2 weeks of age, and now you're already 7 weeks (tomorrow). I am grateful for the time we got together to bond, just the two of us. We will never stop growing that bond (well, maybe until you are a teenager and decide that I'm uncool). I am going to miss hearing your coos, grunts, whimpers, cries and sweet breathing in my ears all day. You have already grown a lot right in front of my eyes - you are already almost 11 lbs and you must have gotten taller too, because you're about to be too big for your 0-3 month clothes (already?!?!?)!

Of course, Daddy and I will still see you and your big brother as soon as we can every day. I have fallen in love with you baby girl!! I will love every minute I get to watch you grow up. Now I'm going to get back to holding you as much as I can today!

You started smiling at us last week! It's really hard to catch on camera and the pictures don't do you justice (I remember thinking the same thing when Tyson started smiling)

There's nothing quite as peaceful as a sleeping baby. Especially when she's yours :)


coming out of his shell

We took Tyson to Chuck E Cheese's last weekend with Jammy and Papa. We wanted to take him there because he hasn't been able to play outside as much since Hailey arrived (he would live outside if we let him...), and to give him a night that focused on him. He had a blast. We hadn't been back to one since his 2nd birthday party. We almost couldn't get him to eat because he just wanted to play on the rides all night.

We took turns playing with Tyson and watching Hailey sleep in her carrier (the whole time - yea!). When it was my turn I grabbed the camera because I couldn't believe my eyes... Tyson was actually riding all of the rides! He has NEVER done this before!

He will sometimes climb up these tube structures but won't ever actually climb through the tubes once he gets up there. He was exploring ALL OVER this thing and wanting to talk to us every time he got to the end of a tunnel. Yes, this is every day life for some kids but it's the first time he would do it!

He asked to ride this - it was a bike that went about 4 feet off the ground when you pedaled it - loved this too - whose kid is this?

first time to ride a carousel by himself. Yes, it's a small one, but the farthest we've gotten before is him sitting next to me in the bench seat. He rode this atleast 4 times in a row.

Same thing - he would have never gotten on this before. Go Tyson!

He was talking to Chuck E Cheese. Having a full blown conversation with him. Jammy and I were trying not to laugh in front of him :)

It was fun seeing him have a blast and have some "Tyson only" time. He has done so well adjusting to having Hailey around. He is still very protective of her and doesn't want his friends to look at her. He wants to hold her, kiss her and give her a paci when she cries. If she is starting to fuss he says "I know baby sister. It's ok." and pats her or kisses her forehead. What a good big brother.


Hailey met her future husband a couple of weeks ago (yes, I am quite a bit behind on posts...) when Uncle Anthony and Aunt Kelly brought their precious baby Jude to visit us. It was great to see them - we don't get to see them very often because they live in Brenham. After a fun weekend visiting and catching up, we all agreed we need to do it more often (guess it's our turn next!)

future bride and groom :)

A visit with Anthony wouldn't be complete without some wrestling. Thanks for coming guys!


uncle nick, aunt amber and jonah

We were so excited to see Nick, Amber and Jonah last week. They flew in from Colorado for a wedding and we got to see them a couple of times while they were here. We also got to meet Jonah for the first time! It was funny being together with them again - last time there was one kid and now there are three! Thanks guys for coming down, miss you.

papa and jonah taking a snoozer


this was our attempt at a "grandkid picture" of only them - LOL! Tyson had a screaming baby in his lap and a cousin trying to hold on to keep from falling over :) I think we actually got the worst version of this picture so if I get a copy of someone else's I'll replace it!

hailey and her aunt amber

this was earlier in the day, before hailey decided to throw up all over her adorable outfit

hailey with uncle nick


all dressed up

Last week I realized that I've been dressing Hailey in really comfy, practical things, like sleep n plays, onesies with pajama pants, etc. While there's nothing wrong with those, I found myself looking in her closet at all of the dresses and cute outfits that we've gotten, and realized she needs to start wearing those too before she grows out of them. So, she's been getting all dressed up with nowhere to go (except to Tyson's school and sometimes the grocery store). I got pictures of some of them. Some of the outfits didn't last long enough for a picture, but I thought I'd share the ones that have made it so far.

I think this is my favorite 0-3 month outfit, she wore it for about 5 minutes before throwing up on it (and me)

funny story about this one - we went to the grocery store on friday and a lady actually asked me "awww... is that a little boy?" and she was serious. really??? pink shirt and flowery blankets??

can you tell her baby papasan is the easiest place for mommy to take pictures of her? now I just need to remember to try the headbands and bows that we have too! her feet are still too small for the shoes and socks we have, but she's grown out of newborn sized clothes already. too tall! at her two week appointment she was in the 90th percentile for height, and 50th for weight and head size. She had gained 1 lb, 1 oz and 1 inch since birth!