hospital visitors

Here's some of the pics we took when we had visitors. Thanks to all who came, it was great to see you!

Proud grandparents - in the past three months they've gone from one grandchild to three!

Aunt lala!

We had a surprise visit from Hilary and Alex - that was fun and a great surprise! Hunter came too but we must not have snapped a pic of him (sorry Hunter)

Sarah and Kyle came, and Zachary too, but it got kinda crazy when Zachary was there so we missed getting a pic of him (Hailey was not a happy camper)
They took good care of us at the hospital - we especially liked the nursery nurses that helped us out. It is really good to be home now though.

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Alex said...

It was great seeing you! Hailey is so beautiful and Tyson is such a little gentleman!