first week home

We've been home for a week now and are getting to know each other. We don't have many pictures of Hailey with her eyes open because she sleeps almost all day. I started wondering if something was going on because I don't remember Tyson sleeping that much, but her pediatrician said that is normal and she's doing great. So, I'm not complaining. This stage probably won't last long.

She has been doing great at night, besides the first couple of nights. She wakes up for feedings and goes back to sleep (most of the time). We will be so lucky if she stays this good. Crossing our fingers.

Tyson is still doing great with her and now realizes that he can't just dump her off his lap when he's done holding her. He always thinks that she either needs to eat or needs a pacifier (even if she's sleeping peacefully). He cracks us up. When she's eating he says "she's eating out of mommy's tummy." We had him calling her baby sister for so long, it's hard to get him to call her Hailey now. He's getting better but we have to remind him what her name is sometimes.
Jammy has been here all week helping me ~ last night we told her to feel free to come back any time she wants. She has been taking Tyson to school since we went to the hospital. We also have some yummy food now and the house is in good shape! And we didn't have to run any errands because she did them! Thanks Jammy (and Papa for letting us have her all week)!


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What great pictures! I agree with Aunt Shannon. Grandma

beckyboo said...

She's georgeous. So glad you're doing good!