the "bavine"

Tyson has been constantly cracking us up for months now. I wanted to write down some of the things he says a lot that keep making us laugh before we forget them.

(while playing with trains or cars on the coffee table): "Oh no! [insert name] fell in the bavine!" (ravine) Then sometimes they get eaten by dinosaurs after they fall in. There's quite a lot of activity in the ravine that must be around the coffee table.

"[insert name] tipped odo!" (over) - this is usually followed by a trip to the "bavine"

"Here comes a BIG BIG BIG boulder!" (always says big 3 times and yells it, eyes are as wide open as they can get)

"That's not right!" (if a toy is in the wrong place or you put his blankets on him wrong when tucking him in)

"Are you ok?" (asks you this if he thinks you're hurt OR if he gets hurt. He's very tuned in to this and notices when people get hurt. Sometimes he will get right up in your face to ask if you're ok)

"I want to go on a ramp." He loves entrances to highways, ramps that connect freeways together, etc. Sometimes we have to create "baby ramps" (subdivision entrances, etc) if he's too obsessed with this and we're not going on a highway to keep the peace in the car.

"That's way too fa-way." This can be for anything that's too far away. But it's always "way too far away".

The long-time classic is also still around - "geekle geekle yittle staw" - he can sing the whole song without any help.

I'm sure there are more that I'm not thinking of, let me know if you can think of any that I missed! We love this kid! Oh here's another one - I feel the need to hug him a lot, especially when he's doing something cute. If I hug him too long he says "that's enough hugs mommy." And it's sometimes accompanied by a dirty look. ha!


Anonymous said...

He is SO adodrable! and Hailey looks very cute. I hope she keeps sleeping lots for you!

Katie said...

That is awesome that you're writing these cute things down that he says. I didn't do that, and wish that I had. Hailey is so cute too, by the way. ;)

Anonymous said...

OK. I can not NOT respond to this post. (good grammar?) How healthy is TYSON? Very... What an imagination!
The ravine seems to be a world of its own. And I want him to sing his song for me the next time I see him. Love, Grandma

the rodriguez crew said...

i loved these!! this just got me so excited for later b/c i think jagger is hysterical NOW! i can't imagine how hard i'll be laughing when things like this fly out of his mouth!

you will love looking back on this later, too funny!!