36 weeks (last week)

Ok so this is a week late, but what can you do. It's now only comfortable to wear moo-moo dresses, skirts, or really big t-shirts and loose shorts. (I know, poor me).

As for the baby, she's still looking good. If I am dilated to 2 or more at 39 weeks, we will induce that week. My doctor thinks that will reduce the chances of a repeat of last time's fiasco. Flashback: I was about 10 seconds from being wheeled into surgery for an emergency histerectome (sp). It just happens to some people apparently, but she thinks the fact that Tyson was a week late (therefore bigger) and that I was in labor for over 24 hours really contributed to it. We're not worried about it since it's out of our hands, we'll just hope this one goes more smoothly. I'm about to go pack my hospital bag just in case!

Tyson wanted to be in the picture too :)


The Moriarty Family said...

Cute dress...I still don't understand how you look SO good! I'm sure you are more than ready for her to come!!

Anonymous said...

You sure that isn't a basketball under your dress? You look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful to me. You carry your baby well. Don't get in too big of a hurry. At least wait until we get back from our trip.

Love, Grandpa T.