the "bavine"

Tyson has been constantly cracking us up for months now. I wanted to write down some of the things he says a lot that keep making us laugh before we forget them.

(while playing with trains or cars on the coffee table): "Oh no! [insert name] fell in the bavine!" (ravine) Then sometimes they get eaten by dinosaurs after they fall in. There's quite a lot of activity in the ravine that must be around the coffee table.

"[insert name] tipped odo!" (over) - this is usually followed by a trip to the "bavine"

"Here comes a BIG BIG BIG boulder!" (always says big 3 times and yells it, eyes are as wide open as they can get)

"That's not right!" (if a toy is in the wrong place or you put his blankets on him wrong when tucking him in)

"Are you ok?" (asks you this if he thinks you're hurt OR if he gets hurt. He's very tuned in to this and notices when people get hurt. Sometimes he will get right up in your face to ask if you're ok)

"I want to go on a ramp." He loves entrances to highways, ramps that connect freeways together, etc. Sometimes we have to create "baby ramps" (subdivision entrances, etc) if he's too obsessed with this and we're not going on a highway to keep the peace in the car.

"That's way too fa-way." This can be for anything that's too far away. But it's always "way too far away".

The long-time classic is also still around - "geekle geekle yittle staw" - he can sing the whole song without any help.

I'm sure there are more that I'm not thinking of, let me know if you can think of any that I missed! We love this kid! Oh here's another one - I feel the need to hug him a lot, especially when he's doing something cute. If I hug him too long he says "that's enough hugs mommy." And it's sometimes accompanied by a dirty look. ha!


first week home

We've been home for a week now and are getting to know each other. We don't have many pictures of Hailey with her eyes open because she sleeps almost all day. I started wondering if something was going on because I don't remember Tyson sleeping that much, but her pediatrician said that is normal and she's doing great. So, I'm not complaining. This stage probably won't last long.

She has been doing great at night, besides the first couple of nights. She wakes up for feedings and goes back to sleep (most of the time). We will be so lucky if she stays this good. Crossing our fingers.

Tyson is still doing great with her and now realizes that he can't just dump her off his lap when he's done holding her. He always thinks that she either needs to eat or needs a pacifier (even if she's sleeping peacefully). He cracks us up. When she's eating he says "she's eating out of mommy's tummy." We had him calling her baby sister for so long, it's hard to get him to call her Hailey now. He's getting better but we have to remind him what her name is sometimes.
Jammy has been here all week helping me ~ last night we told her to feel free to come back any time she wants. She has been taking Tyson to school since we went to the hospital. We also have some yummy food now and the house is in good shape! And we didn't have to run any errands because she did them! Thanks Jammy (and Papa for letting us have her all week)!


big brother

Tyson has done really well so far with his new little sister. He wants to hold her a lot but when he's done holding her, he's REALLY done. If we weren't sitting with him he would probably let her fall off his lap when he decides he's done. We're working on that with him and I'm sure he'll get better about it. He also tries to help us with her. Last night he brought her a pacifier and also covered her up with a blanket while she was napping.

Hailey helped us out a lot last night by napping during all of Tyson's bedtime routine, so mommy and daddy both got to spend a lot of time with him. It's so nice to be home with him again, we missed him a lot while we were in the hospital.

He is wearing a "I'm a big brother" t-shirt but Hailey's covering up the words

The hospital provided a "sibling cake" so we could have a little celebration with Tyson when he got there and gave him a little congratulations for being a good big brother. Cute idea.

First family picture with all four of us!

hailey's website

A photographer came to our room while we were in the hospital and took some pics of Hailey. Now she has her own website - here's a link if you want to see the pics. Of course we can't get enough pics of her!


hospital visitors

Here's some of the pics we took when we had visitors. Thanks to all who came, it was great to see you!

Proud grandparents - in the past three months they've gone from one grandchild to three!

Aunt lala!

We had a surprise visit from Hilary and Alex - that was fun and a great surprise! Hunter came too but we must not have snapped a pic of him (sorry Hunter)

Sarah and Kyle came, and Zachary too, but it got kinda crazy when Zachary was there so we missed getting a pic of him (Hailey was not a happy camper)
They took good care of us at the hospital - we especially liked the nursery nurses that helped us out. It is really good to be home now though.


Hailey is here!

Hailey Lane arrived on July 14, 2009 at 1:25 AM. She weighs 7 lbs, 8.8 oz and is 20.5 inches long. Labor and delivery went MUCH more smoothly than last time. She's doing great. We'll update this with more pictures as we go!

She was crying when mommy held her but stopped as soon as she got into her daddy's arms

The best Dr in the world! She gave me her personal cell phone and pager a few months ago so I wouldn't have to wait for any of my appointments and last night she came up to the hospital to deliver during the only time she wasn't "on call" or on the schedule this week! Thanks!


family pictures

We took some family pictures on Friday - I'm sure they will be the last pics we take together before we expand to a family of 4! Here's a few - not touched up like they do it at the studio of course. We have quite a few prints of these (especially of the first one) so we will be sure to pass them on to you!

We're still hanging in there - last week I thought I was going into labor but the contractions weren't consistent and they stopped after awhile. I go back to the doctor tomorrow so we'll see if there are any updates after that.


36 weeks (last week)

Ok so this is a week late, but what can you do. It's now only comfortable to wear moo-moo dresses, skirts, or really big t-shirts and loose shorts. (I know, poor me).

As for the baby, she's still looking good. If I am dilated to 2 or more at 39 weeks, we will induce that week. My doctor thinks that will reduce the chances of a repeat of last time's fiasco. Flashback: I was about 10 seconds from being wheeled into surgery for an emergency histerectome (sp). It just happens to some people apparently, but she thinks the fact that Tyson was a week late (therefore bigger) and that I was in labor for over 24 hours really contributed to it. We're not worried about it since it's out of our hands, we'll just hope this one goes more smoothly. I'm about to go pack my hospital bag just in case!

Tyson wanted to be in the picture too :)