green light

We had our last scheduled ultrasound this morning before baby girl arrives. We got great news. The placenta has moved into a normal position and is no longer low-lying. So, unless something unforeseen happens during labor, I don't need to have a c-section. She looks great and is currently 6.1 lbs. Yikes! He thinks she will be about the same size as Tyson at birth (he was 8 lbs 5 oz).

She wasn't cooperating very well when he was trying to get a 4-D image of her face. Come to think of it, she hasn't cooperated well for any of the "posing" ultrasound shots yet. Uh oh. Here's the best one we got. Her hand is in front of her right eye, and the other weird looking stuff is the umbilical cord. But, you can still see some of her face.

We're getting excited to meet her. Tyson must be too. He stayed home from school on Monday and Tuesday with a virus (fun...) and when he went back on Wednesday he told his teachers he had a new baby sister when they asked where he was. Imagine their surprise when I walked in this morning and still had a big ole belly... lol.


Katie said...

So cute. She sort of looks like Tyson in there!

Lucy was always like that. Never got a good shot because her hands were always in her face. Now we know she was sucking her fingers...

Courtney Squillante said...

Ginny! I love the blog (so glad Nick told me!). Congrats and your sweet little girl already looks beautiful!!