first camping trip

On Father's day weekend, Daddy took Tyson on his first camping trip (Friday night)! They went out to Paw Paw's land with Grandpa, Uncle Glenn, Matthew and Hannah. Paw paw and Elizabeth also hung out for awhile but didn't spend the night.

Tyson had a blast. They found a rhinocerous beetle (see above) and many other interesting creatures. On Friday night, they ate dinner that Grandpa made on the campfire, then rode around in the truck to find animals, and finished the evening by reading stories by the campfire.

Tyson and Daddy slept in their own tent. He didn't quite understand this part even though we'd been telling him about it all week. He kept saying "Tyson go night night? Tyson go night night with Daddy in tent?!?" He's never slept in the same bed/ level with us so that must have been a little confusing for him :) He went to bed a couple of hours later than normal but slept through the night (and was just a little cranky the next evening).

Saturday morning, they got up and ate eggs cooked on the campfire (he has never eaten eggs before, very cool). Then they went on a nature walk and gathered some flowers to give to mommy (they are pressing them right now), saw some more animals in the truck, then packed up and headed back to Corpus Christi to join the rest of the family.

He does this a lot lately - "hides" behind someone or asks us to sit in his lap... lol

I have to hand it to Steve for this one. I was a little nervous and I think Grandma was really nervous about it, but Steve has been saying for months that he wanted to take Tyson camping this summer and that he would love it. The kid loves to be outside so it would just be the sleeping arrangements and/or animal noises at night that I was worried about. Thanks so much to Matthew for being such a nice older cousin and helping Tyson, and to Glenn and Grandpa for all of the work and preparation you did for the trip. I'm sure this is the first of many camping trips to come!


Ann said...

Too bad Uncle Jared wasn't there to make omelets!

Anonymous said...

Tyson is a super camper. We had a great time in the outdoors. He only had to be explained the rules once. I'm looking forward to having a great camping partner from here on. Thanks for trusting us guys, Ginny.

Grandpa Torno

(Yes, we miss Uncle Jared's omelets - none of us have ever figured out how to make them over the campfire.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ginny, time for another preggers shot, isn't it? We want to see what you look like before the wee little girl escapes!
Aunt Lynn