big boy bed?!?

Guess who is sleeping in his big boy bed for the first time tonight?!?!

(this was taken the morning after... he made it!) Think he was getting too big for the crib maybe? (below...)

Here's his big boy bed - yes, we know the walls are purple. That won't last long.

It's been about 30 minutes so far and we haven't heard a peep. Cross your fingers that he makes it all night! (UPDATE: he made it all night without waking up!) He was pretty excited about sleeping on a pillow and loved that his bedding has soccer balls on it (he played soccer today at school). It just took a few extra minutes once we got in there because he was asking tons of questions and making comments. ("If I fall out of bed I get a big owie." "I not stuck in here mommy.") Stuff like that, that we don't even think about because we weren't sleeping in a crib yesterday. :) Don't worry, daddy put up a bed rail so he's fine.

I know it's just a bed, but we're really proud of him :)
(UPDATE: when I got him this morning I asked if he liked his new bed. He said "No. I like pillow." ha!)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for you all and Tyson. That is an important benchmark for him. After a while, you will never be able to get him back into his crib. Aren't kids adaptable?

Love, Grandpa Torno

The Moriarty Family said...

Go Tyson!! What a big boy!! I love the comment that he loves his pillow :) Too cute! Tell the lil guy to stop growing so fast!!

Melissa said...

Way to go Tyson! That is awesome that he likes the bed. Anna loves her bed too but still comes to my room every night. At least now I can go back and lay in her bed with her.

Anonymous said...

Super Duper!! I worked all last week on writing curriculum and just now saw this entry. Give Tyson a gigantic hug!!! Another big step in growing up for Tyson and parents. Love you all, Grandma