first camping trip

On Father's day weekend, Daddy took Tyson on his first camping trip (Friday night)! They went out to Paw Paw's land with Grandpa, Uncle Glenn, Matthew and Hannah. Paw paw and Elizabeth also hung out for awhile but didn't spend the night.

Tyson had a blast. They found a rhinocerous beetle (see above) and many other interesting creatures. On Friday night, they ate dinner that Grandpa made on the campfire, then rode around in the truck to find animals, and finished the evening by reading stories by the campfire.

Tyson and Daddy slept in their own tent. He didn't quite understand this part even though we'd been telling him about it all week. He kept saying "Tyson go night night? Tyson go night night with Daddy in tent?!?" He's never slept in the same bed/ level with us so that must have been a little confusing for him :) He went to bed a couple of hours later than normal but slept through the night (and was just a little cranky the next evening).

Saturday morning, they got up and ate eggs cooked on the campfire (he has never eaten eggs before, very cool). Then they went on a nature walk and gathered some flowers to give to mommy (they are pressing them right now), saw some more animals in the truck, then packed up and headed back to Corpus Christi to join the rest of the family.

He does this a lot lately - "hides" behind someone or asks us to sit in his lap... lol

I have to hand it to Steve for this one. I was a little nervous and I think Grandma was really nervous about it, but Steve has been saying for months that he wanted to take Tyson camping this summer and that he would love it. The kid loves to be outside so it would just be the sleeping arrangements and/or animal noises at night that I was worried about. Thanks so much to Matthew for being such a nice older cousin and helping Tyson, and to Glenn and Grandpa for all of the work and preparation you did for the trip. I'm sure this is the first of many camping trips to come!


Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Steve. Our little boy thinks the world of his daddy (not that I have to tell you that). You are such a good example to him and I admire how loving, firm, and consistent you are with him. I can't wait to watch our little girl melt your heart all over again. Thanks for being such a great father and giving our kids a great home environment to grow up in.

We love you!


green light

We had our last scheduled ultrasound this morning before baby girl arrives. We got great news. The placenta has moved into a normal position and is no longer low-lying. So, unless something unforeseen happens during labor, I don't need to have a c-section. She looks great and is currently 6.1 lbs. Yikes! He thinks she will be about the same size as Tyson at birth (he was 8 lbs 5 oz).

She wasn't cooperating very well when he was trying to get a 4-D image of her face. Come to think of it, she hasn't cooperated well for any of the "posing" ultrasound shots yet. Uh oh. Here's the best one we got. Her hand is in front of her right eye, and the other weird looking stuff is the umbilical cord. But, you can still see some of her face.

We're getting excited to meet her. Tyson must be too. He stayed home from school on Monday and Tuesday with a virus (fun...) and when he went back on Wednesday he told his teachers he had a new baby sister when they asked where he was. Imagine their surprise when I walked in this morning and still had a big ole belly... lol.


big boy bed?!?

Guess who is sleeping in his big boy bed for the first time tonight?!?!

(this was taken the morning after... he made it!) Think he was getting too big for the crib maybe? (below...)

Here's his big boy bed - yes, we know the walls are purple. That won't last long.

It's been about 30 minutes so far and we haven't heard a peep. Cross your fingers that he makes it all night! (UPDATE: he made it all night without waking up!) He was pretty excited about sleeping on a pillow and loved that his bedding has soccer balls on it (he played soccer today at school). It just took a few extra minutes once we got in there because he was asking tons of questions and making comments. ("If I fall out of bed I get a big owie." "I not stuck in here mommy.") Stuff like that, that we don't even think about because we weren't sleeping in a crib yesterday. :) Don't worry, daddy put up a bed rail so he's fine.

I know it's just a bed, but we're really proud of him :)
(UPDATE: when I got him this morning I asked if he liked his new bed. He said "No. I like pillow." ha!)


baby shower

So I'm about a week behind, but on May 30th my good friends Laura and Kelly hosted a shower for our baby girl. It was beautiful - the tables looked magical, the food was YUMMY, and we got some great clothes and a few other items for our little girl.

The only regret is that no one seemed to take many pictures. Not sure how this happened! I have one with Laura and Kelly (below), and I took one with Melissa when she left. Then after that, the camera must have stayed on the counter or something. Either way, it was really great to see some of my Royce friends - it's been awhile since we had seen each other, and we used to be a little family at work. Steve's mom, sister, and our two nieces also drove up from Corpus for the weekend and came to the shower, and of course my mom came too! Thanks to those who came, it was really great to see you and have a few minutes to catch up!

There are a lot of pics of me opening gifts, but if you've seen one, you've seem 'em all...

When we came home with the loot, Steve and his dad were playing with Tyson and Steve cooked another yummy dinner on the grill (he is getting REALLY good at this... he made T-Bones last night, and they may have rivaled some of the top dollar restaurants around here...)

Papa pushing Tyson and Hannah on the swings

Mommy and Grandpa taking their turn at pushing the kiddos
By the way, these pics also have to count as my 32 week pictures, since I didn't take any official side shots this time. Thanks for the great weekend!



The nesting phase has officially begun... Tyson is getting pushed out of baby girl's room by me getting out all of her stuff and setting it up. The whole room looks girly except the crib - still Tyson's set! If his big boy bedding would EVER get here, we could get his room set up and move on. I think I've done at least 8 loads of laundry this weekend and have made some major progress on getting the house set up. Somehow I have extra energy to get this done.

On another note, we're still plugging along at unpacking. Tyson's loving his new school [thank GOODNESS] and says more hilarious things every day. I'll have to write another post about that soon.


happy birthday steve!

Happy Birthday Steve! Hope you have a great day today. You deserve it. Thanks for making our family so fun and for being such a great father, husband, and friend. We couldn't do it without you.

Our big guy sure loves his daddy. Here's his birthday message for you:
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We love you!


baby steps

We're slowly but surely making progress on unpacking. We have a lot to share but it will have to come in bits and pieces. The first major hurdle was day care. We visited the place twice before Tyson started there. The director seemed great, she had been there for 8 years, very low teacher turnover, and when we saw the class the kids were all getting lined up to go eat a snack. They were all behaving (as much as 2 year olds behave). Sounds like a great place, right???

WRONG. Thankfully they had cameras or we would have thought Tyson was just having a hard time adjusting to a new place and being away from his girlfriend Skylar. They (supposedly) read books to the kids daily, teach them a letter, color, and shape, do various activities WITH the kids, and work on getting them potty trained. Well... with two parents and four grandparents watching the cameras, we saw them read ONE book all week, and other than that, the teachers sat on their butts in chairs and the kids wandered around bored. Or, they somehow got the kids to sit on a rug and keep them from fighting or acting up, but it sure didn't look like they were doing anything with them.

They also had NO sympathy for a new kid. Tyson would be screaming when I dropped him off (hellooooooooo, totally normal for a new kid), and they'd take him from me, walk to the pile of kids and plop him down in the middle of them. Of course that didn't work. So he spent half of his days walking around aimlessly and crying. I need to stop giving the gory details or I'll get upset again!! Just trust us, it was horrible!

So, by about Wednesday of our first week we had had it. Steve even called up there one time to ask why Tyson was sitting on one side of the room when the other kids were all together and no one seemed to be trying to bring him to the group. I started calling around, toured another school, and got him (and baby sister) enrolled. It's a Primrose school. We never thought our kids would be in one of those but so far it is a night and day difference from either of the other schools Tyson has gone to. And we were happy with the school he went to in Tomball (most of the time). It's looking like it's worth it so far!

We could tell an immediate difference. The teachers and directors actually care about the kids and guess what... they PLAY with them and TEACH them and INTERACT with them! Who would have thought?!?!?! Tyson pretty much did a 180 and is MUCH happier now. All of us are sleeping better at night now that he's out of that horrible place. Who would have thought first impressions could be so opposite from reality.

More updates to come...