greetings from Pearland!

Well, it's been a long, tiring, sleep-deprived journey, but we made it! Here's a run down of the last few days for us (you can skip this and go straight to the pictures if you want, a lot of it's for our own memories before we forget...)

6 AM: Steve gets a ride to work from a guy that lives in Tomball
10 AM: Steve's co-worker drives him to Pearland, where he picks up our reserved U-Haul truck 12 PM: Steve arrives at our house in Spring and starts clearing up odds and ends preparing to load
2:30 PM: Ginny gets home from work and starts doing last-minute packing
3:15 PM: Steve realizes there's no way our stuff is going to fit in one U-Haul. Ginny and Steve head to nearest U-Haul place, hoping they have a truck (they do, and all they have is the biggest size)
5 PM: Hired workers and friends start arriving, truck #1 starts getting loaded
6:30 PM: Ginny and Laura take the cats to Jammy and Papa's, their foster home for the next few days (they hated the car ride, Laura got a nice souvenir scratch that will probably be there for a few weeks). We also bring Tyson's overnight bag to drop off and give Tyson a quick hig and kiss. We pick up pizza on the way back for everyone helping.
9 PM: The big, major items are all loaded in trucks 1 and 2 (we needed both trucks and then some!). Then the process of figuring out little stuff, cleaning, etc begins
1 AM: Ginny and Laura head to Laura's house to spend the night. Ginny drives one U-Haul and the other stays with Steve in Spring.

9 AM: Steve, Ginny and Laura meet at the Title company to close on our house in Spring. Both U-Hauls are in the parking lot.
10 AM: We all leave the title company and head to Pearland to do the final walk on our new house. We leave the U-Hauls in the Town Center parking lot, rearrange a bit and cram into Laura's car (it was full of our stuff too)

11:30 AM: Leave the new house, pleased with repairs and current condition of house, and head to Tyson's new day care to get registered for video monitoring. Then eat lunch at Johnny Carino's, get an email that our first closing had funded and been wired to second title company, buy a few cleaning supplies and head to what will soon be our new HEB to check it out.
2 PM: We arrive at the title company for the Pearland closing.
2:45 PM: All 3 of us have a mild heart attack because we're told that they need a copy of our termite inspection to be able to close us. None of us knew this. Luckily, we had GOTTEN a termite inspection done (just because we wanted to), and had used a major company, so Steve called them and they immediately emailed a copy to the title company (WHEW).
3:30 PM: We're done signing everything and are just waiting in a conference room for it to fund so we can go move in.
4:45: We start having another heart attack wondering if it's going to fund. We can hear the loan officer making phone calls to see if funding had gone through and it's not sounding good.
4:53: Major heart attacks going on. Steve starts figuring out what to do now and how to change plans. Friends are waiting at the new house to help unpack.
4:55: Loan officer calls again and it still doesn't sound good. Then she hangs up the phone, walks in the room and hands us an envelope full of keys and garage door openers. WE FUNDED!! Major relief sets in and we run out the door, head to get the U-Hauls and go to the NEW HOUSE!
5:30: Arrive at the new digs and start unpacking!
8:30: Leave to take the second U-Haul back to Spring. Stop at Pei-Wei to refuel first.
12 AM: Arrive back in Pearland with our loaded up cars. Unpack a few essentials (clothes and one TV). Set up our bed and go to sleep around 2.
9 AM: Get ready to get all of the furniture blankets folded up and get the first U-Haul back to Pearland by 10:21. We got there at 10:18.
Spent the rest of the day trying to unpack and get essentials set up (mainly Tyson's room before he arrives on Sunday). Ran errands. Start moving slower now that we are done with timed deadlines.
Go to bed around midnight.
Wake up and start getting the kitchen unpacked and other various things. Head up to Spring at 11:30 to pick up the cats. Jammy and Papa follow us back to the house with Tyson in their car. The cats hate the car ride once again. Kitty choir is in full effect.
3:30 PM: First swim in the new pool!
5:30 PM: Tyson's first swim in the new pool! He LOVED it. Poor guy was cold but would never admit it even though his teeth would chatter sometimes.
We couldn't have asked for things to go better. We knew we were pushing it with a double closing and wanting our utilities all set up on closing day, but it all worked out. Many thanks to Jammy and Papa, Laura, Kyle, Clayton, Casey, and the guys Steve hired to help move. We couldn't have made it without you. Also... many props to these companies who all pulled through exactly as planned - North American Title, First American Title, Comcast, Cirro Energy, Centerpoint, Brazoria County MUD #3, US Postal Service, and probably AT&T, although we haven't checked our home phone yet because we don't care about it.

Ok this is a lot longer than I planned and I'm tired so here's a few pics. I don't think I have one of the front of the house somehow so that will need be added later. These were taken very quickly when we got to the house before the moving trucks started getting unloaded.

Dining room
Master Bedroom
Living room
Tyson's first time down the slide
Tyson's first swim in the pool


Aunt Lynn said...

Wow! Beautiful home Ginny and Steve!
If you need a pool boy some summer, I'll send Seth down!

Anonymous said...

The house looks magnificent! Can't wait to see the house and the three of you! Mom

Aunt Shannon said...