Tyson is a firefly

Today Tyson moved up to the next class at his school. He's been ready to be a "firefly" for awhile now. He can carry on an entire conversation and some of the other kids in his class couldn't even say basic words yet. We weren't pushing the issue because we thought we were about to move.

(I can't believe how hard it was to find a firefly pic on the web... apparently there is/was a show called firefly and the search engines kept giving me sites dealing with that...)
He did well on his first day, except he got a boo-boo report. This happened occasionally in his last class too, but now he's back with some of the kids that have been instigators in the past... so we're hoping this was just a fluke and not a normal thing. If so, we will be making some changes!!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Tyson!! Good to hear how well he is doing - of course, I am not surprised. Give him a hug and kiss for me. Grandma