Tyson is a dragonfly!

{Warning... proud mom post ahead}

So... we had another incident with a child who shall not be named at school. The kid is shadowed every minute he's at school and still manages to attack other kids for no apparent reason. What we really don't understand is that his parents don't seem to think it's a big deal that their kid mauls other kids. But I digress. We had had enough of it and Daddy told the teachers and the office that we did not want Tyson in class with this child any more, for any reason. They completely understood our concerns (we are not the only ones) and told us they would come up with the best solution to take care of this for us.

The teacher in his current room, previous room and the next room up all met with the director, and they debated whether to move the other child down a class or move Tyson up a class. They decided to move Tyson up to the dragonfly room. His teachers had already told us last week that they had individually tested the kids on colors and shapes and that Tyson was the fastest and most accurate with his answers. They also have made other comments on how advanced he is for his age. Because of this, and the fact that he's tall for his age, they thought it would be good to try moving him up AGAIN into the next class. He's the youngest one in there now, the rest of them are 3. They said he did great in there and fit right in. The are all basically the same size too. Hopefully the kids in there have gotten over the scratching and biting phase, or atleast will do it less often.

We're pretty proud of him and never get sick of them telling us how smart he is and that he's smarter than the other kids in his class :) We'll see how he does with the "big kids"!

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