stop picking your nose

Steve has had an interesting couple of days. He went to the ENT yesterday to get some scar tissue removed from his recent surgery (he's been going every 2 weeks until it's all healed). They scrape the scar tissue and it usually bleeds for awhile but then stops and clears up.


He called me on the way home (about 4) and said it was bleeding more than normal. I went to get Tyson from school so he wouldn't have to battle his nose while picking him up. When we got home it was still bleeding. Not like a normal nosebleed, where a slow drip comes out, but a steady stream. (btw... this may be gross so if you don't like hearing about blood just skip to the next post) As the night went on, it got worse and worse, and then some big clots of (who knows what) were coming out. Uh... WHAT??? So we called the ENT help line and they gave us some suggestions (and acted like I was an idiot for calling in), and said if that didn't work to go to the E.R.

Well... their suggestions actually seemed to make it worse, so at 11:30 PM Steve headed to the E.R. He had to drive himself because we didn't want to wake Tyson up or try to get someone else to stay here while we both went. Well... that was basically worthless because they couldn't figure out how to stop it and just packed his nose full of gauze and told him to call his ENT in the morning. HUH? I thought the E.R. should be able to fix anything. Thanks for the wasted co-pay.

So, we head to the ENT this morning and stayed there for about 3 hours while another doctor tried to figure out what was causing it and how to STOP it. (Steve's normal ENT was in surgery all day) After a lot of pain and scoping out his nose again, they sent us home. During the appointment Steve got pretty light headed (probably because his nose would NOT STOP gushing) so that was freaky, but they got him some sprite and crackers before he passed out. They think that one of the scabs they cleared on Monday wasn't really ready to come out, and it may have opened some blood vessels when it came out.

This is how they fixed it... it's an inflatable tube that fills with water. So now he has Christmas lights coming out of his nose... and has to go back tomorrow to see his normal ENT and probably get his nose messed with again (not jealous).

Of course these things always happen at the worst possible time - we were going to get the new house inspected today and had all kinds of people lined up that all had to be cancelled. Oh well. At least it's stopped gushing (for) now!


Aunt Lynn said...

YIKES! Not fun!!!! Glad they stopped the blood loss and hope he is all better soon!!!!

the rodriguez crew said...

ok let's pretend you did not just say he has christmas lights coming out of his nose, and that i'm NOT laughing at that. oh my word.

that is seriously NOT fun, and I'm so stunned that no one thinks this is more serious, NOW! I mean, he nearly passed out for pete's sake!!?

Hope he's fixed up soon, and his nose isn' lighting up anymore! :)

Melissa said...

Oh wow that is terrible. That picture made me laugh out loud but I feel bad for the poor guy. I hope it stops for good very soon.

The Moriarty Family said...

Wow, I guess we dont hear anything out here in CO. unless we check the site! Tell Steve we will pray for him, sounds like a miserable time!


Katie said...

Poor Steve. That's just awful. And, I am apologizing now for laughing a bit at the Christmas lights coming out of his nose...hee hee. He's nice to let you post that awesome picture.

Aunt Shannon said...

Hey, I just read the blog today! Mom has a way of telling me some details and leaving out some (for my own sanity I guess). I'm sorry that I was not able to help. Blood does not freak me out like it does for most people. Shane and Steve were always cracking open their skulls growing up and I guess I got used to seeing blood everywhere. I'm glad that he is feeling better now. I look forward to seeing ya'll soon. Happy Mother's Day Ginny!