rainy birthday

The only reason I am acknowledging the fact that I turned another year older is because we took more family pics (can you tell that really bugged me once I realized we hadn't done one in so long?). It was a really *nice* morning - we woke up to hail coming down on our cars outside and pouring rain. Luckily it was better weather on Sunday!

Headed to Jammy and Papa's for some yummy home made pizza and pie, then they kept Tyson overnight so we could catch a movie (we saw Knowing and both liked it)

So... do you think we will start taking family pics more often now? I'm noticing a growing trend :)
Yeah so I turned another year older... blah blah. After about 25 I had no desire to add any years to my age. I did get some good gift cards and $$ that I will definitely put to good use once we move in the new house though... THANKS!!!

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