let's go to the zoo!

We've been feeling like neglectful parents lately with all of the emergency house hunting, so last night Steve suggested that we take Tyson to the zoo today. Great idea! We went to a (pretty lame) zoo in Chicago last summer so we were excited to take him to a better one, especially when it was going to be decent weather.

First we rode the train. He LOVED the train. When we tried to take pics before it left the train station, he kept saying "get in the train mommy." I think he was concerned it would leave without me.

His favorite part of the children's zoo was this little wall that had different animal pictures on it, and you could press the button to hear the sounds they make. There was one with a roaring sound and he'd do the "home alone" hands by the face every time he pressed that one. He had no interest in the petting zoo, even when I showed him the animals were very nice and wouldn't hurt him.

He kept wanting to push his stroller, which slowed us down quite a bit and caused frustration for all of us. We finally got him to stop it by getting him some popcorn.

We happened to get to the lions when they were getting fed. That was pretty cool. They were both really pretty lions (if lions can be pretty??). Didn't get to hear a roar today though.

He may have liked the giraffes the best, which was kind of a surprise. He really didn't want to walk away from them (or the sea lions either for that matter).

We stopped in the gift shop on the way out and told him he could pick one thing. There were tons of animals in there but he picked a safari helicopter and car. All boy!

Only took a few minutes in the car for him to wipe out! What a fun morning!

Last but not least... we just happened to see HHH (Triple H)!! Totally unexpected. We knew Wrestlemania was going on this weekend but didn't think we'd actually run into any of the guys, especially at the zoo. He was getting escorted around the zoo with his "peeps" in a cart. Unfortunately by the time we realized it was him it was too late to take a pic. He was about two feet from us when he went by.


AuntLynn said...

sheesh. See if we ever take you THERE again, not to mention our OTHER zoo which is even cooler.

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks like they are having a super time. Tyson looks so big! All of you look great.
I know Tyson had a great time....wonderful memories made!
Think of all of you every day.