I think he gets it...

Tyson and I had this conversation the other day when I went to get him out of bed in the morning.

Me: "Good Morning Tyson!"

Tyson: "I wake up Mommy, I wake up!"

Me: "You DID wake up, did you have a good sleep?"

Tyson: "Yep. Baby sister wake up too?"

Me: "Yes, baby sister woke up when Mommy woke up."

Tyson: "I play baby sister?"

Me: "Not yet, she's not ready yet."

Tyson: "Baby sister come out Mommy's tummy?"

Me: "Yes when she comes out of Mommy's tummy you can play with her. But we have to wait a little while ok?"

Tyson: "Ok Mommy."

Since then another conversation very similar to this one has happened. I think he understands what's going on... we've always kinda wondered what he really thought was happening.

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the rodriguez crew said...

this was my morning laugh that I needed! so cute! i'm so surprised that he even gets it that much at that age!? waiting (im)patiently for babygirl Torno to get here!!!