children's museum

The last time I had a day off was President's Day, and I had been planning all that week on taking Tyson to the Children's Museum in the Woodlands mall. That morning, I thought I'd check their website to see when they opened... only to discover that they're closed every Monday. I was pretty bummed. So now that I had another weekday off I wanted to take him.

It's a cute place and it really does seem to have different areas for all ages. Tyson spent about 90% of his time doing this (surprise, surprise)...

He was VERY good about sharing the trains when another kid would come up and want to play. There was one train car he guarded with his life but he'd let the other kids have any of the others. There were two train tables, one had a set track on it and the other had track pieces that you could arrange any way you wanted. We spent most of the time on the set track.
I did manage to get him to do a few other things, like go "grocery shopping" and check out some dinosaurs. He also had fun checking out their animal room that had frogs, birds, snakes, and other reptiles in it (Notice the train in his hand in the second pic... lol. Yes, I did make him leave it there when we left!)

They had "parachute play" going on, so we went to check that out but he wasn't interested in it. So... back to the train table! Then they did an Easter Egg hunt, and he wouldn't even leave the trains for that... cracked me up.

He was SUUUUUUUUUUCH and good boy the whole morning. Any time I told him we needed to leave or do something else he did it with no complaining or whining. I was preparing myself for a tantrum when it was time to leave the trains, but he did great! Since he was so good I told him we could go to Chic Fil A for lunch. It was packed... the playground was so crowded it didn't look like you could move in there, so I told him we should just go play at home. Again, he left with no problems. We both had a ton of fun! Then right after we got home Daddy came home early from work! Days off are so fun, we should have more of them... :)


Anonymous said...

I've gone to several children's museums but this one sounds great! Sounds like Tyson enjoyed it a lot and will probably like going back. He is really getting to be a big boy! Grandma

Aunt Shannon said...

Oh, I miss all of you! My kids would love to play with Tyson at the zoo or the museum. I am glad that you and Tyson are having special times togther. I WANT TO PLAY TOO!