28 weeks/ 7 months

Uhhh... has a month already gone by since the last time we took prego pics??? Wow. Well, a lot has happened in the 28th week so far... our closing date got moved to May 15th...

Tyson and Daddy marched around the house with their boots on...

Mommy's 28 week prego pic, and last but certainly not least... more ultrasound pics of baby girl! We went in today and I still have a low-lying placenta. It moved a little since the last ultrasound, but if it doesn't move more in the next 6-8 weeks we'll have to do a scheduled c-section delivery. Baby girl is doing fine though, she is measuring a little large (last time she was a little undersized) and weighs about 2 lbs. 11 oz. I just hope she's not bigger than Tyson when she arrives... he was big enough :)

jonah pics

We finally got some pictures of our newest nephew from his proud grandparents! Can't wait to meet him! Glad he's doing better. The little guy has had to go back to the hospital a couple of times (jaundice) but he should be able to stay home now!!


One of Tyson's favorite hobbies lately is to build tall towers with blocks (actually he helps Daddy build them), then knock them over with either a stroller or his 4 wheeler (a.k.a. tractor). This isn't anything new but they did build a super high tower the other day so I took a picture of it. It was even taller than Daddy.

Daddy is feeling better now and doesn't have Christmas lights coming out of his nose anymore. Luckily those came out the next day. What a nightmare. Hopefully that won't happen next time he goes in for a follow up...


stop picking your nose

Steve has had an interesting couple of days. He went to the ENT yesterday to get some scar tissue removed from his recent surgery (he's been going every 2 weeks until it's all healed). They scrape the scar tissue and it usually bleeds for awhile but then stops and clears up.


He called me on the way home (about 4) and said it was bleeding more than normal. I went to get Tyson from school so he wouldn't have to battle his nose while picking him up. When we got home it was still bleeding. Not like a normal nosebleed, where a slow drip comes out, but a steady stream. (btw... this may be gross so if you don't like hearing about blood just skip to the next post) As the night went on, it got worse and worse, and then some big clots of (who knows what) were coming out. Uh... WHAT??? So we called the ENT help line and they gave us some suggestions (and acted like I was an idiot for calling in), and said if that didn't work to go to the E.R.

Well... their suggestions actually seemed to make it worse, so at 11:30 PM Steve headed to the E.R. He had to drive himself because we didn't want to wake Tyson up or try to get someone else to stay here while we both went. Well... that was basically worthless because they couldn't figure out how to stop it and just packed his nose full of gauze and told him to call his ENT in the morning. HUH? I thought the E.R. should be able to fix anything. Thanks for the wasted co-pay.

So, we head to the ENT this morning and stayed there for about 3 hours while another doctor tried to figure out what was causing it and how to STOP it. (Steve's normal ENT was in surgery all day) After a lot of pain and scoping out his nose again, they sent us home. During the appointment Steve got pretty light headed (probably because his nose would NOT STOP gushing) so that was freaky, but they got him some sprite and crackers before he passed out. They think that one of the scabs they cleared on Monday wasn't really ready to come out, and it may have opened some blood vessels when it came out.

This is how they fixed it... it's an inflatable tube that fills with water. So now he has Christmas lights coming out of his nose... and has to go back tomorrow to see his normal ENT and probably get his nose messed with again (not jealous).

Of course these things always happen at the worst possible time - we were going to get the new house inspected today and had all kinds of people lined up that all had to be cancelled. Oh well. At least it's stopped gushing (for) now!

Tyson is a dragonfly!

{Warning... proud mom post ahead}

So... we had another incident with a child who shall not be named at school. The kid is shadowed every minute he's at school and still manages to attack other kids for no apparent reason. What we really don't understand is that his parents don't seem to think it's a big deal that their kid mauls other kids. But I digress. We had had enough of it and Daddy told the teachers and the office that we did not want Tyson in class with this child any more, for any reason. They completely understood our concerns (we are not the only ones) and told us they would come up with the best solution to take care of this for us.

The teacher in his current room, previous room and the next room up all met with the director, and they debated whether to move the other child down a class or move Tyson up a class. They decided to move Tyson up to the dragonfly room. His teachers had already told us last week that they had individually tested the kids on colors and shapes and that Tyson was the fastest and most accurate with his answers. They also have made other comments on how advanced he is for his age. Because of this, and the fact that he's tall for his age, they thought it would be good to try moving him up AGAIN into the next class. He's the youngest one in there now, the rest of them are 3. They said he did great in there and fit right in. The are all basically the same size too. Hopefully the kids in there have gotten over the scratching and biting phase, or atleast will do it less often.

We're pretty proud of him and never get sick of them telling us how smart he is and that he's smarter than the other kids in his class :) We'll see how he does with the "big kids"!

rainy birthday

The only reason I am acknowledging the fact that I turned another year older is because we took more family pics (can you tell that really bugged me once I realized we hadn't done one in so long?). It was a really *nice* morning - we woke up to hail coming down on our cars outside and pouring rain. Luckily it was better weather on Sunday!

Headed to Jammy and Papa's for some yummy home made pizza and pie, then they kept Tyson overnight so we could catch a movie (we saw Knowing and both liked it)

So... do you think we will start taking family pics more often now? I'm noticing a growing trend :)
Yeah so I turned another year older... blah blah. After about 25 I had no desire to add any years to my age. I did get some good gift cards and $$ that I will definitely put to good use once we move in the new house though... THANKS!!!


and the roller coaster goes up...

Well... we're moving again, hopefully for real this time. Another offer came in on our house just a few days after our first sale fell through. We weren't really done deciding what we wanted to do yet, but it was a much better offer than our first one, so we made a lot of lists, ran a lot of numbers, did a lot of thinking, and decided to come to an agreement with them.

We also made an offer on a house in Pearland and it was accepted today. We're closing on both houses May 8th. We're really excited about the house we'll be moving into so let's hope everything goes through this time! We'll be sure to post some pics once everything is final.

Jonah Nicholas

We are an aunt and uncle again! My brother Nick and his wife Amber had their first baby, Jonah Nicholas, last night (4/14) sometime late at night (10'ish our time). He was 7 lbs. 15 oz. He had a bit of a rough start like his cousin Tyson but rebounded very quickly. We can't wait to meet him. Unfortunately that may not be until December... yikes. We'll see if we can do anything about that.

We'll be sure to collect some pictures of him soon and show him off!

Congrats Nick, Amber and Jonah... we love you!

Happy Easter!

Tyson had a happy Easter. Like many in the Houston area, the Easter bunny had to come into the house to hide eggs. It was just too wet and rainy outside for him to hide them out there. Tyson had a lot of fun hunting for eggs. I think the bunny brought too many for him because after about 10, he was happy just opening them up and seeing what was inside. We had to keep reminding him there were more :)

Daddy made a YUMMY lunch that we all enjoyed! We had Jammy, Papa and Aunt Lala over at our house to share in the fun!

Tyson with his stash (hyper on jelly beans)

Our first family picture since JUNE... how did that happen?? We've just been doing combo's of two of us. Need to remember to do family pics more often!

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend!


children's museum

The last time I had a day off was President's Day, and I had been planning all that week on taking Tyson to the Children's Museum in the Woodlands mall. That morning, I thought I'd check their website to see when they opened... only to discover that they're closed every Monday. I was pretty bummed. So now that I had another weekday off I wanted to take him.

It's a cute place and it really does seem to have different areas for all ages. Tyson spent about 90% of his time doing this (surprise, surprise)...

He was VERY good about sharing the trains when another kid would come up and want to play. There was one train car he guarded with his life but he'd let the other kids have any of the others. There were two train tables, one had a set track on it and the other had track pieces that you could arrange any way you wanted. We spent most of the time on the set track.
I did manage to get him to do a few other things, like go "grocery shopping" and check out some dinosaurs. He also had fun checking out their animal room that had frogs, birds, snakes, and other reptiles in it (Notice the train in his hand in the second pic... lol. Yes, I did make him leave it there when we left!)

They had "parachute play" going on, so we went to check that out but he wasn't interested in it. So... back to the train table! Then they did an Easter Egg hunt, and he wouldn't even leave the trains for that... cracked me up.

He was SUUUUUUUUUUCH and good boy the whole morning. Any time I told him we needed to leave or do something else he did it with no complaining or whining. I was preparing myself for a tantrum when it was time to leave the trains, but he did great! Since he was so good I told him we could go to Chic Fil A for lunch. It was packed... the playground was so crowded it didn't look like you could move in there, so I told him we should just go play at home. Again, he left with no problems. We both had a ton of fun! Then right after we got home Daddy came home early from work! Days off are so fun, we should have more of them... :)

I think he gets it...

Tyson and I had this conversation the other day when I went to get him out of bed in the morning.

Me: "Good Morning Tyson!"

Tyson: "I wake up Mommy, I wake up!"

Me: "You DID wake up, did you have a good sleep?"

Tyson: "Yep. Baby sister wake up too?"

Me: "Yes, baby sister woke up when Mommy woke up."

Tyson: "I play baby sister?"

Me: "Not yet, she's not ready yet."

Tyson: "Baby sister come out Mommy's tummy?"

Me: "Yes when she comes out of Mommy's tummy you can play with her. But we have to wait a little while ok?"

Tyson: "Ok Mommy."

Since then another conversation very similar to this one has happened. I think he understands what's going on... we've always kinda wondered what he really thought was happening.


Tyson is a firefly

Today Tyson moved up to the next class at his school. He's been ready to be a "firefly" for awhile now. He can carry on an entire conversation and some of the other kids in his class couldn't even say basic words yet. We weren't pushing the issue because we thought we were about to move.

(I can't believe how hard it was to find a firefly pic on the web... apparently there is/was a show called firefly and the search engines kept giving me sites dealing with that...)
He did well on his first day, except he got a boo-boo report. This happened occasionally in his last class too, but now he's back with some of the kids that have been instigators in the past... so we're hoping this was just a fluke and not a normal thing. If so, we will be making some changes!!


let's go to the zoo!

We've been feeling like neglectful parents lately with all of the emergency house hunting, so last night Steve suggested that we take Tyson to the zoo today. Great idea! We went to a (pretty lame) zoo in Chicago last summer so we were excited to take him to a better one, especially when it was going to be decent weather.

First we rode the train. He LOVED the train. When we tried to take pics before it left the train station, he kept saying "get in the train mommy." I think he was concerned it would leave without me.

His favorite part of the children's zoo was this little wall that had different animal pictures on it, and you could press the button to hear the sounds they make. There was one with a roaring sound and he'd do the "home alone" hands by the face every time he pressed that one. He had no interest in the petting zoo, even when I showed him the animals were very nice and wouldn't hurt him.

He kept wanting to push his stroller, which slowed us down quite a bit and caused frustration for all of us. We finally got him to stop it by getting him some popcorn.

We happened to get to the lions when they were getting fed. That was pretty cool. They were both really pretty lions (if lions can be pretty??). Didn't get to hear a roar today though.

He may have liked the giraffes the best, which was kind of a surprise. He really didn't want to walk away from them (or the sea lions either for that matter).

We stopped in the gift shop on the way out and told him he could pick one thing. There were tons of animals in there but he picked a safari helicopter and car. All boy!

Only took a few minutes in the car for him to wipe out! What a fun morning!

Last but not least... we just happened to see HHH (Triple H)!! Totally unexpected. We knew Wrestlemania was going on this weekend but didn't think we'd actually run into any of the guys, especially at the zoo. He was getting escorted around the zoo with his "peeps" in a cart. Unfortunately by the time we realized it was him it was too late to take a pic. He was about two feet from us when he went by.

24 weeks/ 6 months

Here I am at 24 weeks. I made sure I was wearing a different shirt this time in the picture :) Everything is still going well, she still doesn't have a name or a nursery theme though. Guess we need to get on that pretty soon...


not so fast...

So... we're not moving anymore. Or atleast not next weekend anymore. The buyers on our house fell through because the husband just lost his job this week. After the exhausting roller coaster we've been on over the past few weeks, we're just trying to relax for a few days, catch up on some much needed sleep and figure out what to do next. We may keep trying, we may stay put for now.

It's rough out there. We're just glad it wasn't one of us that lost our job this week. Stinks to be them right now.