Welcome Jude!

The newest member of the "Hickory crew" has arrived! Jude Anthony was born yesterday to our good friends, Anthony and Kelly. We were lucky enough to get to meet him today during our lunch breaks (one advantage of working downtown/ close to it). He is a really good looking baby. He doesn't even have a cone head! We're so excited that Tyson (and baby girl) will have a play mate once he's ready! It will be nice to have other friends join the parent world! Congrats guys. We love him already.

(We'll need to get a better close-up picture next time)!

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Jenny said...

I can't wait to meet little Jude!! That's awesome that y'all got to go to the hospital to see them. Steve has seriously lost some weight! Looking good! Love your pregnant picture too Ginny. You just can't seem to put on any extra weight when you're pregnant can you? Y'all look great!