patient update

Thanks to everyone who has asked about Steve. He did great during surgery and is now trying to recover. He's in pain, which is expected, and has been able to eat a few cups of pudding since we've gotten him home. Grandma came up to help out with everything and she has been a huge help. She'll be the primary nurse tomorrow and I'll probably do it on Thursday.

His ears hurt a lot right after surgery, but the pain has now shifted more to his throat. It's normal for this type of surgery so let's just hope it passes quickly! He's being a great patient and even lets me take pictures of him.

Tyson was so sweet when he first saw him. He said "uh oh Daddy" when he saw the bandage on his nose and gave him a kiss and hug to make him feel better. After his bath he didn't want Daddy to hold him though, so he seems to know something's a little off.

Here he is in the recovery room in the hospital - first time we saw him post-op.

Trying to get comfortable and rest at home. He hasn't slept since we got home so we're really hoping he can catch some zzzzz's tonight.


Katie said...

Hope Steve is feeling better and that he's having a speedy recovery.

The Moriarty Family said...

Glad the surgery went well. Hope Steve is able to rest more as he progresses through recovering.