cowboy boots

Tyson's school had "go Texan day" the first friday that the rodeo was up and running. So we decided it would be fun to get him some cowboy gear. He likes to stand in our boots and try to wak around in them, and he had just started asking if he could have his own boots. So, I went to Cavender's one day during my lunch break (I have never been in one and had NO idea what I was doing).

We had him try on the boots a few days before the "big day" and he loved them.

Then on go Texan day we put him in his cowboy shirt, jeans and boots. We had to do this in the morning of course and it was a huge battle - he hates changing clothes in the morning. But it's all worth it for him to be dressed up right? They always really get into holidays and special days at school. Well... when I dropped him off about half of his class was already there, and he was the ONLY ONE even remotely dressed up for go Texan day. I thought I had messed up so I looked at the calendar and sure enough... it was go Texan day. His teachers said they had no idea, so they hadn't reminded the parents. Nice!! Oh well. So we tried to get pics of him when he got home, and he was not in the mood to get his pic taken. So we'll have to put him in it a few more times and get some good shots of him.

On this one he thought he was running away from me, but I went the other way and snapped this... just didn't get the boots in the shot.


The Moriarty Family said...

Those are the cutest little boots I have ever seen! He looked SO adorable. What a good Mommy you are for being on top of things and reading your calendar! haha.

Julie said...

He looks SO cute! Love the boots. My parents have been dying to get Ethan some.