20 weeks

Well, I'm halfway through already. I just realized I'm wearing the same clothes I had on in the 16 week picture. Ha! Definitely feeling a little bigger now and can't hide the baby bump anymore. I feel baby girl moving more often now and I think soon it will really ramp up and I'll feel her all day. I love that feeling! Makes all the uncomfortableness worth it.

She still doesn't have a name yet. Or a nursery theme. We're kind of hoping our house will sell and then we can have fun planning everything for her and Tyson's new rooms at that point. We just need an offer first :) We have an open house tomorrow so let's hope that brings us some good buyers.


the rodriguez crew said...

you're already 20 weeks!?! whoah. you look GREAT, and I can't wait to hear all about her name and nursery! Hoping the open house goes super well. :)

Aunt Lynn Rickert said...

Ginny! You look beautiful! Hi to Steve (and Tyson - from Natalie)

Anonymous said...

dont lie, you just never changed!


Julie said...

You look beautiful Ginny!