We sold our house this week!! Just when we were starting to get pretty discouraged. The buyers came to our open house a couple of weeks ago and only saw it once before making an offer. Here's the catch... they are closing on APRIL 14TH!!! Yikes!!! So we're house hunting starting this weekend (with Steve trying really hard to feel better in the meantime). Another new chapter in our lives is about to begin... lots of changes in the next few months for our little family...

a face of many colors

What happens when you open all of your markers and run around the kitchen with them all pointing up towards your face? This...

I know, it could be a lot worse, but this happened after running around for about 15 seconds. As soon as I realized what he was doing I stopped it and he still got a good amount of marks on his face. Thank goodness they are washable - came right off!

He loves to open each marker and tell us what color it is. Some days he gets all of them right, and some days he gets them mixed up. We're still proud of him - didn't think he would learn them this early. He also knows a good amount of numbers and letters.

cowboy boots

Tyson's school had "go Texan day" the first friday that the rodeo was up and running. So we decided it would be fun to get him some cowboy gear. He likes to stand in our boots and try to wak around in them, and he had just started asking if he could have his own boots. So, I went to Cavender's one day during my lunch break (I have never been in one and had NO idea what I was doing).

We had him try on the boots a few days before the "big day" and he loved them.

Then on go Texan day we put him in his cowboy shirt, jeans and boots. We had to do this in the morning of course and it was a huge battle - he hates changing clothes in the morning. But it's all worth it for him to be dressed up right? They always really get into holidays and special days at school. Well... when I dropped him off about half of his class was already there, and he was the ONLY ONE even remotely dressed up for go Texan day. I thought I had messed up so I looked at the calendar and sure enough... it was go Texan day. His teachers said they had no idea, so they hadn't reminded the parents. Nice!! Oh well. So we tried to get pics of him when he got home, and he was not in the mood to get his pic taken. So we'll have to put him in it a few more times and get some good shots of him.

On this one he thought he was running away from me, but I went the other way and snapped this... just didn't get the boots in the shot.


patient update

Thanks to everyone who has asked about Steve. He did great during surgery and is now trying to recover. He's in pain, which is expected, and has been able to eat a few cups of pudding since we've gotten him home. Grandma came up to help out with everything and she has been a huge help. She'll be the primary nurse tomorrow and I'll probably do it on Thursday.

His ears hurt a lot right after surgery, but the pain has now shifted more to his throat. It's normal for this type of surgery so let's just hope it passes quickly! He's being a great patient and even lets me take pictures of him.

Tyson was so sweet when he first saw him. He said "uh oh Daddy" when he saw the bandage on his nose and gave him a kiss and hug to make him feel better. After his bath he didn't want Daddy to hold him though, so he seems to know something's a little off.

Here he is in the recovery room in the hospital - first time we saw him post-op.

Trying to get comfortable and rest at home. He hasn't slept since we got home so we're really hoping he can catch some zzzzz's tonight.



Steve is having turbinite surgery tomorrow and will also get his tonsils and adenoids removed. Whew that's alot of stuff! He went to the doctor a few months ago for a sinus infection, and it has eventually turned into this. We completely agree with the diagnosis, it's not a shock at all. So, let's just hope he has a quick recovery and that it makes a huge difference. I think he forgot what it's like to be able to breathe through his nose. Will try to update again tomorrow once we've gotten him home.


100th post

Well... it took me awhile to get to the 100th post, so I thought I'd bring video back into our site (finally) and redesign it too. It's a little more girly at the moment in honor of our little girl on the way. I'll probably be redesigning it every once in awhile now that I've gotten away from the original set-up.

Tyson can now pretty much say anything now (or he at least tries). Here is Daddy's and Tyson's attempt to man-up the site in light of the recent design changes...

Thanks to our small group of loyal fans who have kept up with us... I enjoy sharing our lives on here and it's fun to keep up with other blogs too. We don't plan on stopping this any time soon so stay tuned!


20 weeks

Well, I'm halfway through already. I just realized I'm wearing the same clothes I had on in the 16 week picture. Ha! Definitely feeling a little bigger now and can't hide the baby bump anymore. I feel baby girl moving more often now and I think soon it will really ramp up and I'll feel her all day. I love that feeling! Makes all the uncomfortableness worth it.

She still doesn't have a name yet. Or a nursery theme. We're kind of hoping our house will sell and then we can have fun planning everything for her and Tyson's new rooms at that point. We just need an offer first :) We have an open house tomorrow so let's hope that brings us some good buyers.


Welcome Jude!

The newest member of the "Hickory crew" has arrived! Jude Anthony was born yesterday to our good friends, Anthony and Kelly. We were lucky enough to get to meet him today during our lunch breaks (one advantage of working downtown/ close to it). He is a really good looking baby. He doesn't even have a cone head! We're so excited that Tyson (and baby girl) will have a play mate once he's ready! It will be nice to have other friends join the parent world! Congrats guys. We love him already.

(We'll need to get a better close-up picture next time)!

Guys Dancing

Sometime last week, Tyson became OBSESSED with watching this. Yes, we know it's not a new video, but we randomly came across it again recently on Youtube and Tyson was instantly glued to it. Every night before bath he watches it once, and after bath he watches it atleast twice while we're getting him ready for bed. He walks into the office and gets all excited and says "guys dancing?" And every time when it's over he claps and says "YAY"! Cute. Here you go Tyson, in your honor... if you haven't seen it before, it's pretty cool.