potty training?!?!?

We don't really think Tyson is ready for this, but he thinks he is. Some of the little girls in his class have been using the potty, so he started saying that he wanted to use it. His teachers asked if it was ok, so he gets to sit on the potty when he asks. We decided to get him his own little potty last week because he asks us at night "I go pee pee potty?" He sits on it, but still hasn't gone at home, but today they told daddy that he has gone TWICE at school!!

I had some mixed emotions... part of me was proud of him but another part was jealous and sad that I missed this milestone (or atleast wasn't told right when it happened)!! Our little guy is getting so BIG!!

(and he FINALLY got a haircut... he was way too shaggy... and he did REALLY well!! yea!! last few times were a total disaster)

Today we went to HEB to pick up a few things and he pushed his own (small) cart around. He even scanned something and put it in a bag (we went through the u-scan line). What the heck?!? Where did our baby go?
We're still taking it slow on the potty training. We'll just let him try when he asks for now.

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