latest antics

First of all... as you can see, the cheesy smile has returned when the camera comes out!

Doesn't he look like the kid from Jerry Maguire in this pic? He found an old pair of mommy's glasses.

I took him to the park yesterday... it was just too nice outside. It was hard to get a good pic of him on the swings because he would get mad every time I got in front of him... he would say "no mommy go high!!!" because he didn't want me to stop pushing him for ONE second.

He played on this slide for probably 30 minutes, atleast.

He made a new friend, and they raced down the slide...

... and his new friend also showed him how to go down head first on his tummy! They also went down backwards on their tummys.

This may be the first time we've gotten him to ride on the rocking horse by himself. He loved it and wanted to ride all of them after that.

Did we mention Tyson does Wii fit too? (LOL)

Other recent developments:

- Every night after dinner, he looks around the corner into the dining room and says "No tigers in there!" Then asks us to check the room (all of his downstairs toys are in there). We tell him there's no tigers, then he usually says it a couple more times before going in. It's really hard not to laugh when he does this. You can tell he's really concerned about it.

- He's very into telling us something is "right here" or "right there". For example when we see a train while driving, he says "Choo choo train! Right there!"

- He's still doing pretty well counting, and has made it up to 12 a few times. But now, he started counting backwards from 3. 3 - 2- 1!!

- He is VERY good about saying please and thank-you. Last week he said "gimmee!" when he wanted something and reached his hand out, opening and closing his fist. I told him that's not a nice way to ask for things so we'll see if he tries it again!

- He's getting better at colors. He definitely knows blue. The others are more hit or miss but he gets most of them right about 75% of the time. Purple is the main one that confuses him, he always wants to say it's blue instead.

- He had a rougher week at school because his favorite teacher Ms. Kay is no longer there. The other teachers said he and some of the other kids had a hard time and asked where she was. He definitely misses her :(

- This may have stemmed from the above comment, but we were told that he was an instigator at school this week. His current best bud, Easton, suddenly started acting out and when they shadowed him, they discovered that Tyson was telling him to do things he shouldn't so Easton would get in trouble and not him. NICE!! Like climbing on tables, yelling, pushing, etc. Hopefully he'll forget about that this week and won't do it anymore. Daddy says he's a born leader.

- His favorite nightly activity is still to pull up a chair to the sink, get as many cups as he can, and fill them with water, line them up, then pour them all out. I think he'd do it for an hour if we let him. He also loves playing with foaming soap in the bathtub (it HAS to be foaming soap though, found that out this week when we ran out)
- He loves to throw things in the trash. Hopefully he hasn't thrown away anything valuable. I don't think so - he usually asks if he can throw something in the trash and then does it when we say ok.
We are having so much fun with him and always wish we could spend more time with him. He cracks us up all the time and seems to say/ learn something new every day!

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Anonymous said...

Tyson is doing so many things now....it sounds like he is daily starting new things! I agree with Steven, he is a leader (use it for good TYSON!!!). Ha!