Grandma and Grandpa

... (or Ganma and Ganpa/Pampaw) came to visit us last weekend! We had a lot of fun with them. On Saturday morning, Grandpa got us some donuts - Tyson sure loved those. He doesn't get them very often. Then we went to the park! So here's some more park pictures in case we haven't put enough on here already...

We brought some bread and hot dog buns to feed the ducks. They swam all the way from the other side of the (pretty big) pond to come get it. This guy came over too. He took a big piece of bread and ran off with it.

Tyson couldn't resist and had to eat some bread himself! Luckily it wasn't expired yet...

Loved this airplane. He made it do a lot of nose dives though.

He "flew" a kite for the first time! He loved it. Luckily Grandma and Grandpa brought several kites, because they attracted tons of attention from other kids. There was a little bit of wind when we first started, but not really enough. They pretty much had to run and fly the kite behind them.

Thanks for coming to visit! Wish we could see you more often.

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