Grandma and Grandpa

... (or Ganma and Ganpa/Pampaw) came to visit us last weekend! We had a lot of fun with them. On Saturday morning, Grandpa got us some donuts - Tyson sure loved those. He doesn't get them very often. Then we went to the park! So here's some more park pictures in case we haven't put enough on here already...

We brought some bread and hot dog buns to feed the ducks. They swam all the way from the other side of the (pretty big) pond to come get it. This guy came over too. He took a big piece of bread and ran off with it.

Tyson couldn't resist and had to eat some bread himself! Luckily it wasn't expired yet...

Loved this airplane. He made it do a lot of nose dives though.

He "flew" a kite for the first time! He loved it. Luckily Grandma and Grandpa brought several kites, because they attracted tons of attention from other kids. There was a little bit of wind when we first started, but not really enough. They pretty much had to run and fly the kite behind them.

Thanks for coming to visit! Wish we could see you more often.


Bring on the pink and purple!

It's a girl! Officially now! Our little girl is looking good, 10 fingers and 10 toes! She is a little undersized but well within normal range. She's also breech but they're not worried about that at this point. We're excited that we'll have one of each! Last night I asked Tyson if he wanted a brother or a sister when I was putting him to bed, and he looked me right in the eye and said "sister." He does change his mind every 10 minutes or so though :)

I remember during Tyson's anatomy ultrasound, they kept saying how well he was cooperating. We got about 20 great shots and some really good side profile shots. Well... baby girl did not want to cooperate like her brother. This was the best profile shot we got and her head is leaning back a little. Oh well.

We also got a video of Tyson's ultrasound but they "can't do that anymore now"... some idiot must have sued them for something they saw and ruined it for everyone else. At least we got some pictures.

Side profile - head at the left, then hand, then foot
View from underneath - hands at the left, legs and feet in the middle of the pic (this is what he used to show she is a girl)

4D pics of her face - looks weird since she's still so little!


potty training?!?!?

We don't really think Tyson is ready for this, but he thinks he is. Some of the little girls in his class have been using the potty, so he started saying that he wanted to use it. His teachers asked if it was ok, so he gets to sit on the potty when he asks. We decided to get him his own little potty last week because he asks us at night "I go pee pee potty?" He sits on it, but still hasn't gone at home, but today they told daddy that he has gone TWICE at school!!

I had some mixed emotions... part of me was proud of him but another part was jealous and sad that I missed this milestone (or atleast wasn't told right when it happened)!! Our little guy is getting so BIG!!

(and he FINALLY got a haircut... he was way too shaggy... and he did REALLY well!! yea!! last few times were a total disaster)

Today we went to HEB to pick up a few things and he pushed his own (small) cart around. He even scanned something and put it in a bag (we went through the u-scan line). What the heck?!? Where did our baby go?
We're still taking it slow on the potty training. We'll just let him try when he asks for now.

last visit before baby

Tyson is getting closer to having a new cousin! Uncle Nick and Aunt Amber are in town for the last time before Jonah Nicholas arrives. We got to spend Valentine's Day with them, had a blast at Benihana, going bowling and playing Wii, and they stayed with us for a few nights. We wish they lived closer!!

Like our cheesy belly to belly pic? It's the first time the cousins played together... aww...

Tyson really enjoyed having Uncle Nick read to him. Nick got some good practice for the months ahead.
Good luck you guys! You will do great!

me to me!

This is Tyson's new saying. It's his way of saying "give it to me please." Ok. Maybe not the please part, but we make him say it before giving him whatever he's asking for. Like mommy's Valentine's day balloons... as soon as he spotted them, he took them over. He even wanted to eat with them.

Or, the "punching gloves".

We just can't get enough of this kid.


planning for the new one

We're trying to get Tyson ready for the new baby that will be here in a few months. We got a book called "I'm a big brother" and read it to him every once in awhile. He's also going to have to give up his crib and move to a different bed at some point. We had him try out this box and he really liked it, so I think that's what he'll be sleeping in from now on...

Hey... times are tough!

latest antics

First of all... as you can see, the cheesy smile has returned when the camera comes out!

Doesn't he look like the kid from Jerry Maguire in this pic? He found an old pair of mommy's glasses.

I took him to the park yesterday... it was just too nice outside. It was hard to get a good pic of him on the swings because he would get mad every time I got in front of him... he would say "no mommy go high!!!" because he didn't want me to stop pushing him for ONE second.

He played on this slide for probably 30 minutes, atleast.

He made a new friend, and they raced down the slide...

... and his new friend also showed him how to go down head first on his tummy! They also went down backwards on their tummys.

This may be the first time we've gotten him to ride on the rocking horse by himself. He loved it and wanted to ride all of them after that.

Did we mention Tyson does Wii fit too? (LOL)

Other recent developments:

- Every night after dinner, he looks around the corner into the dining room and says "No tigers in there!" Then asks us to check the room (all of his downstairs toys are in there). We tell him there's no tigers, then he usually says it a couple more times before going in. It's really hard not to laugh when he does this. You can tell he's really concerned about it.

- He's very into telling us something is "right here" or "right there". For example when we see a train while driving, he says "Choo choo train! Right there!"

- He's still doing pretty well counting, and has made it up to 12 a few times. But now, he started counting backwards from 3. 3 - 2- 1!!

- He is VERY good about saying please and thank-you. Last week he said "gimmee!" when he wanted something and reached his hand out, opening and closing his fist. I told him that's not a nice way to ask for things so we'll see if he tries it again!

- He's getting better at colors. He definitely knows blue. The others are more hit or miss but he gets most of them right about 75% of the time. Purple is the main one that confuses him, he always wants to say it's blue instead.

- He had a rougher week at school because his favorite teacher Ms. Kay is no longer there. The other teachers said he and some of the other kids had a hard time and asked where she was. He definitely misses her :(

- This may have stemmed from the above comment, but we were told that he was an instigator at school this week. His current best bud, Easton, suddenly started acting out and when they shadowed him, they discovered that Tyson was telling him to do things he shouldn't so Easton would get in trouble and not him. NICE!! Like climbing on tables, yelling, pushing, etc. Hopefully he'll forget about that this week and won't do it anymore. Daddy says he's a born leader.

- His favorite nightly activity is still to pull up a chair to the sink, get as many cups as he can, and fill them with water, line them up, then pour them all out. I think he'd do it for an hour if we let him. He also loves playing with foaming soap in the bathtub (it HAS to be foaming soap though, found that out this week when we ran out)
- He loves to throw things in the trash. Hopefully he hasn't thrown away anything valuable. I don't think so - he usually asks if he can throw something in the trash and then does it when we say ok.
We are having so much fun with him and always wish we could spend more time with him. He cracks us up all the time and seems to say/ learn something new every day!

16 Weeks

I started to feel the baby move this week. Not consistently yet, just randomly. I remember when that started happening with Tyson, I wasn't sure what it was... but this time I know! I think I'm about to hit a growth spurt because some days this week I felt like I was going to bust out of my skin.
Oh... and I am still doing well with my no-caffeine idea. Made it a whole week without any! The headaches stopped after about 4 days.


Cold Turkey

I quit drinking caffeine "cold turkey style" on Thursday. So far I've only given in to the temptation once since then. It all started when I left my (really little) cup of coffee at home that morning. I really wanted to quit anyways so that just pushed me over the edge. Let's hope I can keep that up. I'm going to need a support group for that too :)