Daddy cups

Daddy likes to drink out of plastic cups instead of glass (don't ask, he just always has). Today he went to the store and brought some home. Tyson asked if he could have one, and with each one we gave him he would ask "more daddy cup?" At first we tried to stop him with 2, but then figured, what's it going to hurt? So... he ended up with the whole package of them. Little did we know, this was his master plan for needing all of them...

This car isn't his, it's our neighbor's. He loves riding in it. Today was the first time he's been in the driver's seat while it was going. (Aaron was pressing the gas, Tyson was steering.) Aaron is always a good sport about sharing his toys.

Our little cheeseball - they had to be crooked.

Recent obsession with lining things up.

Here's some more new trends/ activities:

- Every night after dinner, he likes to put his chair in front of the sink, get 2-3 plastic cups and repeatedly fill them with water, then dump them out. The only way we can pull him away from this is by thinking of a toy he would rather play with (blocks usually work, or basketball)
- When we play basketball, he is very into "turns." He will tell you when it's your turn to shoot and when it's his turn. Usually Tyson gets 2 turns, then you get 1.
- Very into tickling. We will be playing together and he'll say "tickle mommy!" And he and daddy tickle mommy. Then he'll say "tickle daddy!" and we tickle daddy. Of course, he never says "tickle Tyson..."

Recent words/ sayings that may need translation:

"I gog ick" (I got it) - says this ALL the time
"Here comes Tyson!" - when he's coming down the stairs or getting in his high chair
"ha co co" (helicopter)
"mo ty co" (motorcycle)
"pockick" (pocket)
"jackick" (jacket)
"ta koo" (thank you)
and my all time favorite, I cried the first time he said it, and I still melt every time I hear it...
"I yove you" (I love you)

We laugh at him all the time! So fun!

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Shannon said...

TYSON IS VERY INTELLIGENT, HE GETS THAT FROM HIS AUNT SHANNON. I still drink from multiple cups at a time and they are ALL Plastic. As you should know, glass cups are not very soothing, and they break into pieces. Tuperware cups are the best because they come with lids. You know what they say about important stuff? "Don't leave home without it." My van is just packed with plastic cups. Leaving the house can be upseting when I have to line up all of my plant pots outside and then I take five cups with me just to be safe. People just don't get me, but Tyson and I have a connection.