I have seen this on a few other blogs lately... we have recently joined the Wii crowd and are losing sleep playing it. Steve tried Wii fit tonight and really liked it. I haven't tried it yet. Not sure what all I'll be able to do on it yet while I'm prego.

Not only that, we also got Rock Band II and Guitar Hero World Tour for Christmas. We have a problem. Please help us (find more time to play them, NOT take them away). We already have Mario Kart for Wii on the radar for the next game.


Melissa said...

You can do the yoga and balance games. Also the step areobics won't send you over the top so you can do that too. I'm a Wii Fit addict. Also good luck with Mario Kart. We have been looking for it for months.

Katie said...

Well, you can bring your wii fit over here, and we can trade for some mario kart time! I've been dying to try it. I don't know if Thomas and Jeremy will let Mario Kart out of the house, though.

Shannon said...

I WANT A WII FOR MY BIRTHDAY! I may need to get a tv first. Ha Ha.