A visit with Santa

This picture was actually taken before Thanksgiving. I just haven't posted it because we wanted to use it on our Christmas cards. (We mailed them on Friday, so if you don't get one in a few days I may have misplaced something, shoot me an email at ginny.torno@gmail.com)

I had Tyson all hyped up to see Santa. We had been reading Santa books at night and that day I kept asking him if he wanted to see Santa and tell him what he wanted for Christmas. He was really excited about it. So we made the trek to the mall, where there was no line. He was really excited until I got him out of the stroller and *tried* to put him in Santa's lap. Then it was freakout time. Santa got him to stand next to him on the bench, but he still wasn't too happy about that...

Oh well. Maybe next year!

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