Torno Christmas

We headed to Corpus on Christmas Eve for a few days. We had fun seeing family, giving and receiving gifts, and getting to spend more than 36 hours there for once. Daddy got to go hunting twice but unfortunately didn't get to shoot anything. There were a lot of good pictures and I had a hard time deciding which ones to include, as you can see...

Until now, mommy was probably the only one who knew about this. Before bath time on Christmas Eve, Tyson wanted to wash his hands. He did, but then put his soapy hands in his hair. He thought it was tons of fun. Since he was about to take a bath anyways, I let him keep doing it. I think he would have used the entire soap bottle if I had let him.

Grandpa read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to Tyson. We also tried to read The Polar Express, but he's not quite ready to sit through that one, so we made up our own story to go with the pictures.

Tyson's big present from Santa... a 4 wheeler! (Or tractor, as he insists)

This had to be the most genuine, happy reaction I've seen a kid have when opening a gift. Hannah was so excited and said "it's exactly what I really wanted!" in the cutest voice. I wish I had it on video. (I think it was a littlest pet shop toy)

Bow head!

We spent Christmas morning trying to convince Tyson that it's fun to press the button on his tractor to make it go by itself. At first he just wanted to scoot or have someone else push the button.

Benjamin sporting his new bike from Santa

Christine trying to show Tyson how to push the button...

Success! It was liking teaching a kid how to ride a bike without training wheels (I think). We were so excited when he finally did it by himself. Now it's hard to get him off of it.

The whole Ray Torno family

Christmas wouldn't be complete without playing in the pool!! (We thought he was going to jump in... absolutely no fear...)

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Katie said...

Tyson is so cute...and counting to 10 and making you dinner. That's adorable. Can't wait to find out what baby #2 is!