Happy Birthday Tyson!!

Can't believe our big/little guy is 2 years old today! I don't have much time so this will be quick. He gets to skip school today with mommy! We started out the day by going to his 2 year well visit appointment (yeah, it was kind of mean to schedule it on his birthday). He actually did much better than normal, much less freaking out. I don't know what we'd do if we didn't have a good doctor. Here's his measurements/ percentiles:

height: 35.5 inches - 75-90% (means he should be atleast 6'0" - 6'1" as an adult - yea!)
weight: 27 lb 10 oz - 50% (it would help if he wasn't so picky)
head: 50 cm - 75%

He started out in the upper 90%s in his first year, but he's still on a steady growth curve so Dr. LaCour is still happy with his progression. He passed all of the "abilites" questions so he's right on track!

Then we headed to Chuck E Cheese to play for awhile and he loved it. They had a huge tube system with slides coming off of it but he was a little too short to climb up it. We'll have to try again next weekend with all of his cousins! He had fun playing a lot of other games.

At home, I surprised him with his big present from mommy and daddy - his own table and chairs! (I know, it's REALLY exciting... !!!)

We'll write more later! Happy Birthday!


Melissa said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Tyson. How exciting!!

Katie said...

He's getting so big! Happy Birthday, Tyson.

the rodriguez crew said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday BIG boy!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Tyson!