Counting, Cooking, and first view of the new one

Ok it's late, so I'll make this quick. This is totally and completely a bragging mom post with random subjects put together. First off, tonight Tyson counted to 10 by himself, TWICE!!! All the way from 1 to 10! He's done part of it before but never the whole thing without help. He still doesn't do it consistently, but since he did it twice I'm counting it. (get it, counting, haha) btw, if this is normal for a kid who just turned 2, don't tell me that :)

And, he started a new thing during bath time where he "makes dinner" and asks me to eat it. Last night, he made hot dogs and tonight he made grilled cheese. (Really he pours water from a bowl into a plastic basket and wants me to drink out of it). But hey, to him he made mommy a meal!

Lastly... I went to the Dr. today for my once a month checkup. We were going to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. Well, she had a hard time finding it with the little doppler device so she said "hey let's just do an ultrasound. The machine is right here anyways." YAY! So I got to see the new one for the first time. Everything looked great. No pics yet, hopefully we'll get one next week when we (hopefully) find out the sex!

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lfltorno98@yahoo.com said...

I can't believe that I have just now looked at the entries to this site -- I have not seen the last four. Well, I have been working (shame on me).
Ginny, you do such a good job with the entries and pictures.
Yes, Tyson is G/T (gifted and talented). I have known that for some time. Counting to 10 at his age is amazing - really.
Everyone looks so happy and well in the pictures. Thanks for taking and putting them in the entries.
Tyson is so creative -- cooking for you in the tub. Who would have thought he was a chef?
Really, thank you for this great tool that allows everyone to know what is going on in your lives and helps us keep up with Tyson's development.
Also, thank you all for coming to Corpus. It is our turn to travel next. Love you, Grandma