Terrible Twos

I started writing this about the first story, then it snowballed, so I'm turning it into the terrible two post. Tyson's getting wiser in his (almost) 2 year old age. He started a new thing in the past week where he tells me (or screams) that he went poo-poo (sorry Amber). He does it because he wants to get out of something. Usually he's in his car seat or high chair when he does it. The thing is, he didn't go. And he's not in the middle of going either, he just wants to get out. Tricky guy.

He says "no" to EVERYTHING. Even things he wants. He says no first and then says yep. Sometimes he also hits when he says no.

We have to trick or "convince" him to get him to change his clothes. Including putting his jacket on to go outside, his favorite thing in the world. He HATES changing clothes. Mostly just his shirts. He's gone to school in his PJ shirt a few times lately. One day they kept him in it until 2:30 because he fought them so much on it too.

Lastly, he runs from us ALL THE TIME. It's funny when he does it while we're playing. Not while we're trying to get him dressed and/or put his diaper on. He's pretty fast too, you have to actually run now to catch him. Here's some examples from tonight. He had decided to take his clothes off after dinner, and ran around in a diaper the rest of the night. This was one of the funny times. My camera was on some funky mode so some of them look strange.

Everything being said, there are plenty of good, sweet and funny things that he does. He is a very sweet, loving kiddo who will always give out hugs, kisses and high fives any time we ask. He volunteers them a lot too. He comes upstairs for bath time the first time we ask every night. He goes to bed, at nap time and bed time, without a complaint, every day. He hasn't woken up in the middle of the night since he was 7 weeks old, unless he was sick. He makes you feel like you won the lottery when you pick him up from school or a sitter. He obeys (most of the time). And much more. We know this is a normal phase and especially normal for boys. We wouldn't change a thing about him and love every minute we get to spend with him. We can't even imagine what it would be like without him in our lives. It's hard to believe it's been almost 2 years!!!


the rodriguez crew said...

oh goodness me, this is what's coming?? oh BOY what fun! I will say though, when i got to the last paragraph about all the things he does so well and sweetly, I thought aw shucks. he can do whatever he wants. :)

lftorno98@yahoo.com said...

Enjoy all the times (the ups and downs). They grow up so fast.
He is precious and remember growing up is hard on kids as well as parents(sometimes). Take all the kisses and hugs you can get!

Amber Moriarty said...

Well I definitely know who to call when terrible two's rolls around for Nick and I. haha. That is too funny that he is so tricky already with the "P" trick! He is getting so big, I'm so glad you have this website so I can look and read about him all the time. I hope he'll be ready to give Aunt Amber a biiiig hug in 3 wks!!