Teddy Bears and more words

Tyson has come a long way since Tuesday, when he started taking his inhaler four times a day. It has been a HUGE battle to get him to do it, especially if there's only one person giving it to him. It's almost impossible then. He did much better at school when they gave it to him. He also eats all kinds of food at school that he refuses to eat at home. Nice how they do that. But I digress.

Ms. Kay gave us a tip that she tried to try to get him to calm down during "inhaler time". The tube has teddy bears on the side of it. She told him to hold the teddy bears while she was getting his medicine ready. Funny how that works, it makes him take it really well until about the last puff. He is SO much better at doing it now and even takes big breaths for us. Yea :) Only a few more days of it anyways, luckily.

I also had to share/ document some of the words he says now that would probably need translation, but mommy and daddy know what he's saying:

"ha-sai" = outside
"bike-ick" = bike (ick???)
"toss" = trash
"ha-pai" = airplane
"a-fant" = elephant
"mommyny mouse" = Mickey Mouse
"flawfow" = flower
"wawo" = water
"blbloose", "tattoos", or "bubbles" = balloons (we just worked on this tonight, and we had a white balloon, so I think he thought it was really a big bubble)
"tatows" = tractors (this one needs more explanation. Trucks and tractors are both tractors. There is still no such thing as a truck. There are now only cars, tractors, buses, airplanes, and trains (choo-choos). You would think in Texas, he sees enough trucks...)

We've also decided that he's made an early entrance into the Terrible Two's. But ...that will be discussed in a later post.


Katie said...

Cute words. Love the language updates. Tyson? A terrible 2? No way.

lftorno98@yahoo.com said...

Neat how you keep a translation dictionary......I am so proud of Tyson. He is growing up in so many ways.
Isn't it amazing how others have these little tricks that get your kids to do what you are fighting to get them to do? Go figure!
Enjoy every day of him - I know sometimes when you are exhausted it is hard to do. Thanks for sending these. They help us keep up with our Tyson, Grandma