Regal Ranch

Last Saturday we went to a picnic that Steve's company was hosting. They went all-out - they brought in 2 different inflatable jumping things for kids, a rock climbing wall, the ranch also had a lot of attractions w/o that stuff, and all kinds of activities and food. When we got there, there weren't a whole lot of people yet so we had the "choo choo" to ourselves. Tyson loved riding it. He ended up riding it 3 different times.

First time..

Second time... notice the inflatable thing in the background. It's an obstacle course. Tyson wouldn't go in the "normal" jumpy house but we eventually convinced him to go into this one. He had a blast and it was hard to get him out of it. He had to crawl through holes, climb up a ladder and go down a slide (all inflatable). We were so proud that he overcame his shyness and had fun in there. We have video of it but that would probably only be interesting to mommy and daddy :)

3rd time - this time, most of the management team from Steve's project rode the train together. It was fun. The guys had a hard time fitting into it though. I don't think it's meant for people who are over 5 feet tall. Clayton and Kristina rode with our family - they're getting married tomorrow!! Congrats!

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lftorno98@yahoo.com said...

Tyson is getting to be a big boy -- definitely not a baby anymore.
Pretty amazing that he was brave enough to get into that "little kid eater!!" He wasn't afraid??? I would be (I am talking about right now in my life.) I probably would be in the hospital if I got in that thing.
Really, Tyson is pretty amazing!
And I know someones (grandpa and grandma) who would love to see the video of Tyson in the inflatable "thing". Thank you for the pictures and words about the adventure. Grandma