Happy Halloween!

Tyson was really excited when we got his tiger costume a few weeks ago. He wanted to put it on and wore it all night (that night). We should have taken a lot of pictures then, because since then it's been a battle to get him into it. He loves tigers, just didn't want to dress up I guess! His teachers got him to put on the whole get-up, although he wasn't happy about it at first. At night, we only got him into the main tiger suit, and even that was hard to do. Luckily he loves pumpkins so we told him he had to put it on to go see them! He wouldn't say trick or treat, but we did get him to say "bye" to people atleast. I took too many pics to post, so I'm trying this slide show idea. It has pics from his school party and from trick or treating. Maybe next year he'll be more into it :)

NEW... video clip of Tyson learning about our sick little pumpkin!

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