Happy Thanksgiving

Happy early Thanksgiving!! Today I went to Tyson's Thanksgiving feast at school. I was in charge of bringing the tablecloths and paper plates. It's pretty sad when the grocery store completely skips over Thanksgiving decorations (I went on Monday!!) and all they had out was Christmas stuff. It was fun - all he ate was his roll, cranberry sauce (which he inhaled), and pie. Ahhh... I still remember the days when he would eat anything we put in his mouth.

Oh, and he grabbed my cup of juice while I was talking to Ms. Kay and spilled it all down his shirt!


Terrible Twos

I started writing this about the first story, then it snowballed, so I'm turning it into the terrible two post. Tyson's getting wiser in his (almost) 2 year old age. He started a new thing in the past week where he tells me (or screams) that he went poo-poo (sorry Amber). He does it because he wants to get out of something. Usually he's in his car seat or high chair when he does it. The thing is, he didn't go. And he's not in the middle of going either, he just wants to get out. Tricky guy.

He says "no" to EVERYTHING. Even things he wants. He says no first and then says yep. Sometimes he also hits when he says no.

We have to trick or "convince" him to get him to change his clothes. Including putting his jacket on to go outside, his favorite thing in the world. He HATES changing clothes. Mostly just his shirts. He's gone to school in his PJ shirt a few times lately. One day they kept him in it until 2:30 because he fought them so much on it too.

Lastly, he runs from us ALL THE TIME. It's funny when he does it while we're playing. Not while we're trying to get him dressed and/or put his diaper on. He's pretty fast too, you have to actually run now to catch him. Here's some examples from tonight. He had decided to take his clothes off after dinner, and ran around in a diaper the rest of the night. This was one of the funny times. My camera was on some funky mode so some of them look strange.

Everything being said, there are plenty of good, sweet and funny things that he does. He is a very sweet, loving kiddo who will always give out hugs, kisses and high fives any time we ask. He volunteers them a lot too. He comes upstairs for bath time the first time we ask every night. He goes to bed, at nap time and bed time, without a complaint, every day. He hasn't woken up in the middle of the night since he was 7 weeks old, unless he was sick. He makes you feel like you won the lottery when you pick him up from school or a sitter. He obeys (most of the time). And much more. We know this is a normal phase and especially normal for boys. We wouldn't change a thing about him and love every minute we get to spend with him. We can't even imagine what it would be like without him in our lives. It's hard to believe it's been almost 2 years!!!


Let there be TRUCKS

I spoke too soon the other day when I said there were no such things as trucks. Now there are!! Finally! They're called "tucks." Now we just have to work on helicopters and motorcycles.


Cowboys and... ???

Before you read the rest of this post, answer this question in your head: "What is Tyson dressed up as in this picture?"

I don't know about you, but my first reaction, especially with Thanksgiving coming up, is to say "an Indian". His class made feather headpieces and drums as part of their Thanksgiving activities. He got to take them home today. On our way out, we went into the office to pick up his inhaler, and the assistant director said "Oh Tyson, you look like such a cute little Indian." The director then said "He's a Native American."

For some reason, the first thing that popped into my head was, "so, in a few years is Tyson going to play Cowboys and Native Americans??" I understand the whole PC movement, but sometimes, just let it go. Sheesh.


Teddy Bears and more words

Tyson has come a long way since Tuesday, when he started taking his inhaler four times a day. It has been a HUGE battle to get him to do it, especially if there's only one person giving it to him. It's almost impossible then. He did much better at school when they gave it to him. He also eats all kinds of food at school that he refuses to eat at home. Nice how they do that. But I digress.

Ms. Kay gave us a tip that she tried to try to get him to calm down during "inhaler time". The tube has teddy bears on the side of it. She told him to hold the teddy bears while she was getting his medicine ready. Funny how that works, it makes him take it really well until about the last puff. He is SO much better at doing it now and even takes big breaths for us. Yea :) Only a few more days of it anyways, luckily.

I also had to share/ document some of the words he says now that would probably need translation, but mommy and daddy know what he's saying:

"ha-sai" = outside
"bike-ick" = bike (ick???)
"toss" = trash
"ha-pai" = airplane
"a-fant" = elephant
"mommyny mouse" = Mickey Mouse
"flawfow" = flower
"wawo" = water
"blbloose", "tattoos", or "bubbles" = balloons (we just worked on this tonight, and we had a white balloon, so I think he thought it was really a big bubble)
"tatows" = tractors (this one needs more explanation. Trucks and tractors are both tractors. There is still no such thing as a truck. There are now only cars, tractors, buses, airplanes, and trains (choo-choos). You would think in Texas, he sees enough trucks...)

We've also decided that he's made an early entrance into the Terrible Two's. But ...that will be discussed in a later post.


Here we go again...

Ok, so we were just kidding about Tyson not being sick when he slept for 13 hours. Saturday afternoon he developed a deep sounding, nasty cough. He sounds like an 85 year old man that's been smoking his whole life. On Sunday, mom and dad started feeling bad too.

Tyson saw Dr. LaCour today and now he's on an inhaler (same meds as the breathing machine we had in April, just a less scary way to give it to him), steroids to open his breathing passageways up again, and a prescription strength nasal spray. So fun. Poor kid. If his nose doesn't stop running by the time his birthday rolls around, it's time for allergy testing. That's supposed to be hard on him so we're trying one last thing before we go down that road. Let's hope he can get some relief soon!


13 Hours?!

It's about 10:15 AM and we were all just woken up about 30 minutes ago by Tyson! That's 13 hours of sleep for him - which shatters his previous record of 11.5! He did cough for a little while last night, but still - he usually automatically wakes up by 8 at the latest no matter what. He's not sick, just needed sleep I guess. Maybe it has to do with his snuggly pj's - we broke out the one piece pj's last night for the first time this season. I think kiddos look so cute in them!

This morning I asked him if he liked his pj's and he said "YEPPPPPPP" (emphasis on the P). That's his new buzzword. It cracks us up, and his teachers laugh every time he says it too. It just sounds funny coming from a little guy.


Regal Ranch

Last Saturday we went to a picnic that Steve's company was hosting. They went all-out - they brought in 2 different inflatable jumping things for kids, a rock climbing wall, the ranch also had a lot of attractions w/o that stuff, and all kinds of activities and food. When we got there, there weren't a whole lot of people yet so we had the "choo choo" to ourselves. Tyson loved riding it. He ended up riding it 3 different times.

First time..

Second time... notice the inflatable thing in the background. It's an obstacle course. Tyson wouldn't go in the "normal" jumpy house but we eventually convinced him to go into this one. He had a blast and it was hard to get him out of it. He had to crawl through holes, climb up a ladder and go down a slide (all inflatable). We were so proud that he overcame his shyness and had fun in there. We have video of it but that would probably only be interesting to mommy and daddy :)

3rd time - this time, most of the management team from Steve's project rode the train together. It was fun. The guys had a hard time fitting into it though. I don't think it's meant for people who are over 5 feet tall. Clayton and Kristina rode with our family - they're getting married tomorrow!! Congrats!


Happy Halloween!

Tyson was really excited when we got his tiger costume a few weeks ago. He wanted to put it on and wore it all night (that night). We should have taken a lot of pictures then, because since then it's been a battle to get him into it. He loves tigers, just didn't want to dress up I guess! His teachers got him to put on the whole get-up, although he wasn't happy about it at first. At night, we only got him into the main tiger suit, and even that was hard to do. Luckily he loves pumpkins so we told him he had to put it on to go see them! He wouldn't say trick or treat, but we did get him to say "bye" to people atleast. I took too many pics to post, so I'm trying this slide show idea. It has pics from his school party and from trick or treating. Maybe next year he'll be more into it :)

NEW... video clip of Tyson learning about our sick little pumpkin!