Tyson Translation

I remember babysitting other people's kids while they were learning to talk, and the poor kid would be saying some word over and over that I couldn't understand, and getting frustrated when I couldn't figure out what they meant. Then, when their mom would get home, I would ask what that word meant and they would know right away.

Well, now we understand how that happens. I wanted to document some of Tyson's words that need to be translated to be understood so we don't forget that he used to say these later on!

"taties" (short "a") = pacifier
"mo" = move or more
"meow" or "yao" = kitty (when we're leaving the house he'll say "bye yao" to the cats - maybe we could get Yao Ming to pay us to do a commercial...)
"woof" = dog (he still hasn't said dog or cat, or any other animal name, just refers to them by the noises they make)
"ni mo" = no more
"keekle" = star
"puppy" = pumpkin - I think this is my favorite

Words that he can say exactly the right way (I'm sure I will forget some): mommy, daddy, house, shoes, go, eat, papa, juice, cup, cheese, bus, hi, bye, no

"No" is actually kind of interesting. He always closes his lips together after he says it and sometimes it sounds more like "gnome". Pretty funny.

Then of course there are a lot of words that he says very closely to the right way but it's easy to tell what he's talking about (ba for ball, cacker for cracker, ca for car etc)

There are fun things about every stage he goes through but this one is a pretty fun one!!


Katie said...

I love it. Keekle is still my favorite. That's awesome. Does he try to sing the song yet?

The Torno's said...

He sings it along with us if we start it. He opens and closes his hands during that song like a star twinking. Need to get it on video!