Our little talker

I need to play a little catch-up! Tyson has had quite a few firsts since my last post. New habits include saying that toys/food/whatever is "MINE", and saying "yes" and "yeah" sometimes instead of nodding his head. He also tries to repeat almost everything we say now. Yesterday, he and Daddy had a conversation, which was also a first:

Tyson: "Hi Daddy!"
Daddy: "Hi Tyson! Did you have a good day?"
Tyson: "Yes"

Steve and I just looked at each other like "wow!"

Two weekends ago, Mommy and Daddy got to go to College Station and watch the Aggies play K-State while Tyson played with Papa and Jammy. It's always fun going back to Aggieland, just wish we could win more games! We got to sit with Shane and Amy and hang out with friends while we were there so that was fun.

Last weekend, we all went down to Corpus to visit Daddy's family. We hadn't been there in months. Tyson watched his first movies in the car - Toy Story I and II. He's now a Buzz Lightyear fan. He kept saying "BUZZ" when he'd come on the screen. We also tried to show him The Lion King. He seemed ok during the scary part with Scar, but afterwards got upset so we had to turn that one off! We'll wait a year or so before trying that one again.
Reading with Daddy and Hannah

Daddy is strong!

Chillin with Caleb - his closest cousin in age (4 months apart) Quality time with Grandma and Grandpa (Tyson says mama and papa)
Silly time with Hannah
I made a short video of his most recent escapades, check it out...

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Katie said...

Ginny, you're such a good mother. I love your laughter. It always makes me smile. Like, "this little boy is awesome, smart, and he is ours." Don't you love when their language starts blossoming? He's not a baby anymore, that's for sure. CUTE.