Pumpkin Patch

Here's some pics from a pumpkin patch we went to last weekend. Last year, we plopped Tyson down in piles of pumpkins and other props they had set up with no problem. This year, all he wanted to do was either sit in a wagon or pull a wagon. So, we had to get creative on the photo ops!! He was glad to see lots of "puppies" though and liked riding the train.


It happened to us...

I think we're getting our payback for teasing Aunt Amber (see the "Dedicated to Aunt Amber" post) about all of the "p" words she doesn't like. We've heard and read so many stories from our friends about finding their kids playing in #2, smearing it all over the walls, feeding it to the dogs, etc. Well, here's our story! I won't use any "p" words this time.

Saturday afternoon, all of us were napping. Tyson wakes up and starts talking, so I go up to his room, open the door, and I'm greeted with a strong #2 smell. Figured he just had a dirty diaper. Well he did, but he had taken it off and put it in one corner of his crib. It was FULL. Apparently he wasn't done, because there was another large pile of #2 in the middle of his crib, and it also looked like some #1 was in there too. There were small spots of #2 on his blankets and teddy bear, like he had been trying to wipe it off. LUCKILY, Tyson didn't think this was fun, so he was in the other corner of his crib, looking up at me with no diaper on.

I said "yucky, Tyson!" and he said "ewwwwwwww". I picked him up and went to get Daddy to help. Daddy woke up to Tyson standing there with no diaper, and me calmly saying "We've got a problem, can you put Tyson in the bath while I clean it up?" He could tell by my face and my voice that it was pretty bad, so he gladly accepted the bath request with no questions.

Maybe we'll get lucky and that will be the worst #2 mess we'll have. At the very least, I don't think he'll be napping in just a shirt and a diaper for awhile.


All-American day

Yesterday was a fulfulling day. I did early voting for the first time. I highly recommend it if there's a location close to your home or work. There was no line at all. I felt proud that I voted because I think that was only the 3rd time I've voted in all my years of being registered (bad I know!!!). Then, got my tires rotated, which took almost 2 HOURS for some reason, went home and chilled out for a little bit, went and voted again at a different place (our MUD is having a vote on whether or not to put some new recreational facilities in our neighborhood), and then took Tyson to the park. What a beautiful day. 71 and sunny. Houstonians know those days only come about 10 times a year, at the most. Here's some pics.

After going down the big slide with Mommy a few times, he wanted to go on his own. This is the biggest slide he's done by himself.

I bought this swing on clearance at Target a few months ago. Problem is the only place we can really hang it is from the garage. As you can see, we haven't gotten around to that project. When we got home he wanted to swing in it, so I told him we had to pretend. He thought it was fun at first but by the time I got the camera, he had had enough pretending :)


Our little talker

I need to play a little catch-up! Tyson has had quite a few firsts since my last post. New habits include saying that toys/food/whatever is "MINE", and saying "yes" and "yeah" sometimes instead of nodding his head. He also tries to repeat almost everything we say now. Yesterday, he and Daddy had a conversation, which was also a first:

Tyson: "Hi Daddy!"
Daddy: "Hi Tyson! Did you have a good day?"
Tyson: "Yes"

Steve and I just looked at each other like "wow!"

Two weekends ago, Mommy and Daddy got to go to College Station and watch the Aggies play K-State while Tyson played with Papa and Jammy. It's always fun going back to Aggieland, just wish we could win more games! We got to sit with Shane and Amy and hang out with friends while we were there so that was fun.

Last weekend, we all went down to Corpus to visit Daddy's family. We hadn't been there in months. Tyson watched his first movies in the car - Toy Story I and II. He's now a Buzz Lightyear fan. He kept saying "BUZZ" when he'd come on the screen. We also tried to show him The Lion King. He seemed ok during the scary part with Scar, but afterwards got upset so we had to turn that one off! We'll wait a year or so before trying that one again.
Reading with Daddy and Hannah

Daddy is strong!

Chillin with Caleb - his closest cousin in age (4 months apart) Quality time with Grandma and Grandpa (Tyson says mama and papa)
Silly time with Hannah
I made a short video of his most recent escapades, check it out...


Tyson Translation

I remember babysitting other people's kids while they were learning to talk, and the poor kid would be saying some word over and over that I couldn't understand, and getting frustrated when I couldn't figure out what they meant. Then, when their mom would get home, I would ask what that word meant and they would know right away.

Well, now we understand how that happens. I wanted to document some of Tyson's words that need to be translated to be understood so we don't forget that he used to say these later on!

"taties" (short "a") = pacifier
"mo" = move or more
"meow" or "yao" = kitty (when we're leaving the house he'll say "bye yao" to the cats - maybe we could get Yao Ming to pay us to do a commercial...)
"woof" = dog (he still hasn't said dog or cat, or any other animal name, just refers to them by the noises they make)
"ni mo" = no more
"keekle" = star
"puppy" = pumpkin - I think this is my favorite

Words that he can say exactly the right way (I'm sure I will forget some): mommy, daddy, house, shoes, go, eat, papa, juice, cup, cheese, bus, hi, bye, no

"No" is actually kind of interesting. He always closes his lips together after he says it and sometimes it sounds more like "gnome". Pretty funny.

Then of course there are a lot of words that he says very closely to the right way but it's easy to tell what he's talking about (ba for ball, cacker for cracker, ca for car etc)

There are fun things about every stage he goes through but this one is a pretty fun one!!


Dedicated to Aunt Amber

This video is dedicated to Aunt Amber. We think she will just LOOOOOOOOVE watching it over and over again!! LOL!!

Love you guys!