Still refugees

We're still refugee'ing it in Katy with Kyle. He is a great host and has really helped us out. I'm sure it's a lot louder and crazier in his house right now than it normally is.

Here's a night time pic of our "new house."

I went to our house this morning and our neighborhood still looks the same as far as power lines go - still laying on the ground with trees on top of them. So it looks like it will be at least a few more days... but hey, it could be a lot worse. At least we're in air conditioning and can watch TV and play on the internet. It's kind of funny how a week and a half can seem like a month when you're a little inconvenienced, but it seems like 2 days if you're on vacation.

Thought we'd share some video clips of our time so far as refugees.

Besides the video clips, Tyson has had some milestones since Ike hit us - first time to ride a tricycle (Mommy thought he was ready but now I think he needs a little more time), first time to walk around in Mommy's and Daddy's shoes,

first time to feed a dog (it may not look like it but he was really excited to do it),

first time to draw all over his legs with a pen,

and first time to tell us he has a poopy diaper. This one may have been my favorite and it happened tonight. Usually when we smell a dirty diaper, we ask him "Tyson, do you have a poopy diaper?" or "did you go poo poo?" And he always says no. Tonight he just walked up to me and said "poo poo". He really had a dirty diaper. And, he wanted me to change it. He NEVER wants to have his diaper changed. Maybe this is the very beginning of him being interested in potty training. (No, we're not starting it tomorrow or anything!)

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lftorno98@yahoo.com said...

WOW !!! the video clips are really a story of how Tyson is doing. I love all of it....the part where he is right out there with the other kids playing(speaks to how secure he is).
And his dancing - how amazing is that? (Steve's dancing is pretty outstanding also!!) And of course bath time looks like a ritual I should be doing - maybe it would help me lose more weight! Thank you for taking the time to do this - I love it!! Can not believe that you still do NOT have electricity - that is just SICK and so WRONG!!! Oh well, I am sure someone in the place of power in the area of fixing the electrical lines really felt my strong comment and will get to it and take care of the problem. HA Thanks again for sharing, Grandma