Moving on up

Yesterday I took Tyson to get a haircut while daddy went to the grocery store. This has been a nightmare the last two times so we've been putting it off. We tried to get him to sit in the barber chair by himself on a booster, but that wasn't going to happen. So he sat in my lap again. He did ok at first but started crying when the stylist sprayed water on his hair. Not sure why this is always the breaking point. She then offered him a dum dum sucker. I wasn't too sure about this since he's never had one before, but gave it a try. He loved it and it made him forget all about the lady cutting his hair. The only problem was he didn't swallow the juice, so he had a constant stream of pink drool coming out of his mouth - luckily for me it went all over the hair cut apron thing they put on him (is there an actual word for those??). I will make sure we have something like this with us on future haircuts!

He asked if he could eat lunch at the table instead of sitting in his high chair. I let him since he had done such a great job at his haircut. We don't have a booster chair set up for him yet so I had to sit next to him and keep telling him to sit when he stood, etc. Overall, he still did pretty well. Maybe we'll try a booster chair soon.

Tricycle coming soon too??


Katie said...

Cute haircut. You know you're starting something with the dinner table? Hee hee.

lftorno98@yahoo.com said...

Like I keep saying, Tyson is growing up very fast! Every time I see new pictures of him, he seems so much bigger and older.
This is not really "rocket science" since that is what babies do -- they grow up. He really seems to be independent and wanting to do things on his own -- as messy as that mmay be some times AGAIN this is a good thing. Give him a kiss for me, Grandma