Ike Refugees

We made it through Hurricane Ike, but we're still waiting to get our power turned back on. Estimates for our zip code run anywhere from this weekend to October 5th, so let's hope it's sooner rather than later. We were very fortunate to only have minor damage - we lost 20 or 30 shingles and part of our back fence fell down. Many others in our area were not so lucky - trees fell on houses and cars all over our neighborhood. When we drove out of our neighborhood, we saw at least 8 trees that had fallen on power lines. There were also power lines on the ground along Kuykendahl, so we know it will be awhile. I felt guilty when I thought about taking pictures so I didn't. I'm sure there have been pictures and video all over the news in every part of the nation recently anyways.

We bunkered down in our house on Friday night and lost power around 1 AM. The worst part of the storm started around 4 AM for us, and I'm not even sure when the really bad part ended, maybe 10 AM. Steve got a generator for us and we plugged our refrigerators and fans into that until Sunday afternoon, when we realized we were going to run out of gas for it, and considering there was no gas within atleast a 15 mile radius, we decided to head up to Brenham to stay with our college friends Anthony and Kelly. They had made a nice welcome sign for us.

Tyson and I were actually the only ones that ended up staying with them. Steve and Uncle Kyle went to Kyle's house in Katy to pack him up, throw away his perishable food and head to Brenham, and his power came back on while they were there. The traffic going back in to Houston on 290 was really bad, so I decided to stay in Brenham Sunday night and drive back to Houston on Monday morning.

So, now we're at Kykle's house (not a typo, that is what Tyson calls him). We've had a few other offers to stay with other friends who now have power also. It's nice to know you have places to go when times are tough. Thanks to Anthony, Kelly and Kyle for letting our family be refugees in your home!

My Mom and Dad are ok also. They had some large branches and trees fall down in their backyard, as well as some fence damage, but nothing happened to their house or to them. They're also still waiting for their power to come back on! They have a nice neighbor with a generator so they atleast have their fridge and fan running.

Here's some pics of us hanging out. One positive is that it has been nice getting to spend a lot of quality time with Tyson during all of this - he's really starting to talk now so it's fun experiencing more of that with him than we'd normally get to. We hope everyone is ok and that life in the Houston area will get back to normal soon!

We've been sharing a room with him since Friday night, so I had to take an opportunity to snap a pic while he was napping today ;)

This is probably the first time he's enjoyed riding on Daddy's shoulders. We think it scared him before.


lftorno98@yahoo.com said...

Thank you for taking the time to do this. I am glad to hear from you and see that everyone is OK. I know you desperately want to be back in your own home -- soon hopefully! Love you

beckyboo said...

I'm so glad you are doing okay as well as the rest of your family. I hope you get your power back soon. My brother Jacob and his wife are still without power and keep bouncing from place to place to charge phones etc. while trying to conserve gas. I hope things start getting back to normal soon. Love you all.