Ok... everyone knows that I'm a HUGE Brett Favre fan. I've been trying really hard to keep my mouth shut about all of the drama over the past few months. After watching the Packers play on Monday Night Football without him tonight, I have to break the silence.

I honestly haven't known how to feel about the whole Favre vs. the Packers issue. I've gone back and forth being mad at Favre or mad at the Packers. Once he was finally traded, I've been in denial pretending that he is still retired. But it just didn't feel right watching Aaron Rodgers play for the Packers tonight, or watching highlights of Favre playing for the Jets yesterday. I just hope Rodgers can do well for the Pack under his own identity.

Tonight made me realize that I still love both Favre and the Packers. It was great to see them stomp the Vikings. But I have to share a few of the many Favre tributes I've seen over the years in memory of my favorite Packer that is no longer with the team... Even if you're mad at him right now, you have to admit that he is already a legend, one of the best and most loved players in the game who will never be forgotten by football fans who watched him play. Part of him will always be a Green Bay Packer. (this will be long)

"We Love Brett Favre"

A few pics from the snowball fight game in January of '08:

Subject: L.A. Times 12/20/07 ...this appeared on the front page of the


NBC has "Bionic Woman." The NFL has Brett Favre, the bionic man. Guess which one is having the better season?

I don't know what you're eating, Mr. Favre, but pass the candy dish.

You're maybe the last American hero. A postmodern DiMaggio. A Wyatt Earp. You're about 140 years old, with the smile of an 8-year-old and a gun like Zeus.

You do all the things the other superstars don't. You play in that city by the bay, an obscure little place with more chipmunks than people, more deer rifles than cellphones.

Up there in northern Wisconsin, you don't ride in limos; they just send over Santa's sleigh.

You're US, which isn't so bad -- at least if you ask US. You're not some natty dude, a blingy gold-toothed Liberace. No three-pointed kerchief in your suit pocket, like the male mannequins back in the Fox
studio. No sir. You wear your hair like the 18th green, short and fast. You could comb it with a golf towel.

Yep, we appreciate your sense of style -- the plain gray T-shirts and the faded jeans. You've got that same lovely wife you started with. Your beard's getting a little frosty, the jowls a little puffy, but she's stuck by you, that woman. Through your tough times. And you through hers.

Love your loyalty, love your work. The cynics claimed you were done. "Retire, fool," they said last season. "Put a fork in Favre. His popper has popped."

Turns out they were the fools. They forgot you were part Choctaw, part '56 Chevy. You're having your greatest season yet, playing like a legend. And like a scrub who just appreciates the chance to suit up.

Sure, your wheels don't work like they used to. People forget that you have the same degenerative hip disease that permanently sidelined Bo Jackson.

At 38, you can sprint with the kids for about three half-steps, then ... look out ... cruuuuuuunch.Those first steps on a Monday morning must really snap-crackle-pop. Talk about a working stiff. Welcome to the club.

When you're not at work, you're at home, just like the rest of us middle-aged saps. I'll bet she's already nagging you about all the Christmas junk, huh? Brett, can you bring those boxes up from the basement? Brett, how about hanging the outdoor lights on the birch tree? That sort of stuff. Like the rest of us, you don't need a holiday to remind you of your blessings.

Yep, you're us all right, and we couldn't be more thrilled. You don't like to miss work under any condition. It's just the way you were raised. You don't miss work. In almost 300 games, including two Super Bowls, you haven't missed a start. It is the sports stat of our time.

And we certainly don't mind your sense of craft, your safecracker's cool. One moment, you're zinging thunderbolts across the middle. The next you're looping 9-iron shots in the end zone. The laser bomb that beat the Broncos? Boom! Brilliant.

You're what we all hoped to become in the backyards of our youth. You play as if you're hanging with your pals, and the sun is setting and the moms are calling everyone home for supper. Come on, Brett, your buddies say. One more. One more series ..

Blanda. Nicklaus. Aaron. They all played their respective games a long time, gave us old-timers hope. Now you're our time machine, our fountain of goof.

A Perseus in cleats.

So, come on, Brett. One more. One more series.

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