Wrestlemania and fits

Four new rituals have suddenly surfaced in the past week that I thought I'd share.

1) Every morning that Tyson goes to school, he decides he wants to take something with him. Sometimes it's reasonable (the lamb/sheep toy), but most of the time it's not (his huge teddy bear that's bigger than him, the video camera...). So, when I tell him he can't take the unreasonable stuff he throws a fit.

2) Every night after dinner now, we have "Wrestlemania." Tyson runs and jumps on us, climbs up our backs and wants to be flipped over. This can last anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. It's pretty fun, but sometimes he pulls hair, which leads into the next one...

3) He purposely runs into us with toys or "hurts" us so he can give us a kiss to make our owie better. But, sometimes instead of a kiss he gives us a head-butt. (???)

4) Every night before bed, we give him some milk and read a few books. He refuses to drink his milk while we're reading, but throws a fit when it's time to go to bed and reaches for his cup. If we give it to him, he doesn't drink it, just wants to hold it. Of course we won't let him take milk to bed with him (yuck), so he throws another fit. I guess we're getting into a fit-throwing stage!

They really do grow up too fast!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ginny and Steve,
sounds like Tyson is ALL BOY! These things all sound familiar. And of course you know you are embroiled in the never to be escaped power struggle. Natalie does similar things with us and we cannot let her win because then it just keeps going on and on and on and on and on....
he sounds like so much fun - except for the hair pulling of course. =)
Aunt Lynn

lftorno98@yahoo.com said...

Aunt Lynn is right, kids will try you constantly as they grow and develop. Tyson is indeed growing and "testing the waters" every chance he gets which is very normal. I'd love to see these rituals (of course I wouldn't laugh - much). Love you all, Grandma

Katie said...

Yes, the baby stage never lasts forever. I love the 18 month check up (or is it 2?) when they ask if the child throws fits during the developmental questions. I'm always like, "Oh, my child is SO advanced. He's been throwing fits since he was 9 months." Ha.

the rodriguez crew said...

ok these made me laugh out loud!! HILARIOUS! I love that he wants to take, oh, the video camera to school with him. HA!!!