We're back!

We're back from our 8-day trip across Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. I don't think we could have possibly seen more relatives than we saw in that short time span. We started out with my mom's side of the family in Minnesota and went to cousin Ben and Audrey's wedding. We hit up the Mall of America before driving to Wisconsin on Monday to start the Moriarty family reunion. We had fun there hanging out with Grammy, Uncle Bruce and Aunt Jacque's family. We decided not to go to Lambeau field because everyone is pretty mad about the whole Brett Favre situation. So instead, we went on a river canoeing trip that day. I could probably write a whole separate post just about that day. Here's a basic summary:

1. The river was WAY too low to let anyone over 120 lbs canoe through it without dragging on the bottom the whole time
2. On the way to the drop-off point, the guide told us "at one point you will go through a lake. Whatever you do, DO NOT flip people's canoes or get into the water in the lake. It's full of leaches and all kinds of other nasty things." Well, Steve and my canoe sunk to the bottom of that very lake. Uncle Bruce said he has never seen me move so fast in my life. It couldn't have taken more than 5 seconds to sink and I was scrambling to get to the shore. Steve toughed it out and stood in the canoe in the NASTY water so he could try to pull it back up (somehow he and Bruce got it out of the water)
3. After everyone had sunk/ capsized too many times to count, Nick and Amber's canoe turned over in the middle of some rocks near the end of the trip. Nick decided to take out his frustration on the canoe. I was around the corner (trying to fix our stupid canoe) so all I could hear was loud cracking sounds. I looked up and there was a guy playing a guitar on the shore close to Nick. I wish I could have taken a picture of that guy's face. He looked like he was watching someone get killed.

Basically, don't EVER go to Dink's Dock in Wisconsin if you want to go on a canoeing trip.

On Wednesday we headed down to Chicago with Grammy and Uncle Bruce's family to meet up with Aunt Lynn's and Aunt Mary Kay's crew. We went to the zoo on Wednesday, went to a brand new water park on Thursday and went downtown to the Aquarium on Friday. I never thought I would appreciate Houston traffic, but now I do. No matter what time of day or night we went somewhere in Chicago, it was stop and go traffic. Unbelievable.

Here's a few pics of our journey. I'll post more once everyone has had a chance to share pics together. I know there are some great ones on other people's cameras.

All of the Moriarty boy cousins (except Brett) and Tyson
Tyson's first carousel ride - Mall of America (he wouldn't ride on any of the animals)

Chicago skyline (most of it anyways)

Nick, Amber, Jammy, Papa, Daddy and Mommy

Goofy guys!!

First time to eat McDonald's

First airplane ride (he loves airplanes). He did really well on both flights. Just didn't want to be close to the window once the plane took off.

Being silly while we were waiting for the rental car people to bring his car seat

First bus ride (also had his first train ride)


Katie said...

Oh, you've started something now...Anna and Rose had their first McDonald's hamburger at 9 months. Bad mommy.

The Torno's said...

That's just for McDonald's. He's already had Chic-Fil-A before now.