Tyson is a Butterfly

This week Tyson got moved up to the "Butterfly" room. At his school, they move the kids up based on milestones and abilities, not just strictly on age. It's one of the reasons we chose to take him there. The Butterfly room is for kids who are just starting to talk, but aren't 2 yet. He gets to play on a bigger playground now, which has a slides and a sandbox. He was ready to move up.

We got lucky because Ms. Kay, one of the "floater" teachers who used to spend time in his old class ("Ladybugs"), got promoted to a full-time teacher and is now in the Butterfly room! I think that made his transition a lot easier - he's always loved Ms. Kay. His other teacher is new, Ms. Crystal. He seems to have an instant bond with her too. He HAS to tell both of them bye before we leave or... he throws a fit. He gives them both kisses and waves to them when we're leaving. The other day he threw a fit in the parking lot and I finally saw Ms. Crystal walking to her car. So, we had to tell her bye again :)

I have to give a shout-out to his Ladybug teachers, Ms. Ashley and Ms. Rachel. They really made his transition to day care better for him. They did everything they could to keep him happy those first couple of weeks. We could tell he was learning a lot from them and loved being with them. He still sees them since they're next door to his new class. I wanted to take a picture of them with him yesterday, but Ms. Ashley was out. We'll have to sneak one in later and put it up!


lftorno98@yahoo.com said...

It seems that Tyson's school has it together! He is progressing well and feels a connection to his teachers....that is really great for everyone and his development!
Keep me updated. Love you all, Grandma

bdogg_mcgee said...

Hi Ginny!

Been a long time - I can't believe your little boy is so big now!

Hope all is well - let me know how you're all doing sometime.